4th Of July Memories

The Augusta Lifestyle Team shares their favorite 4th of July memories

This year, we are celebrating the 4th of July by sharing some of our favorite memories! It’s so much fun hearing how each family has different and unique traditions. Hear from the Augusta Lifestyle team, Sarah Duckworth, Bailey Morris, and Lisa Story, as they remember past 4th of July celebrations.

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“My husband and I are cornhole champions! Every year we go to Florida to visit our friends, the Moore’s. There’s a pool, fireworks, amazing food, and cornhole. Well one year Luke Jackson’s brother, Jacob, was playing against us and we beat him. I’m really proud of that,” -Sarah Duckworth, Account Manager.


“Every year my family goes to our aunt's lake house. We have some good food and go swimming in the lake. It’s so much fun being with the whole family,” -Bailey Morris, Editor.


“We used to go camping at Wildwood for the week. They have a Horseshoe Tournament that my husband and I always participated in and one year we were the champions of the tournament,” -Lisa Story, Account Manager.

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