10 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

From Dr. Alexia Peake at Peake Wellness Center

Article by Caitlyn Olson

Photography by Photos by Diandra

Originally published in Greeley Lifestyle

For the past decade, Dr. Alexia Inhulsen, owner of Peake Wellness Center, has changed the lives of dozens of women in Greeley.  Though it wasn’t always Dr. Inhulsen’s intention to specialize in women’s health issues like fertility, infertility, and pre and postpartum care, she says, “One of my first patients came to me at the tender age of 20 years old.  Her pregnancy wasn't planned; she was scared and didn't have a lot of resources at her disposal.” After one visit with Dr. Inhulsen, this young woman couldn’t believe the relief that came shortly after her chiropractic adjustment and gladly shared her relief with all of the other moms in her birthing class. “Before I knew it, I had an office full of pregnant women!” Dr. Inhulsen explains. Since then, Dr. Inhulsen has helped women across Northern Colorado along their fertility journey to ensure that these women stay healthy at all stages, whether planning to get pregnant, during pregnancy, or postpartum. “Because healthy moms make healthy babies,” Dr. Inhulsen explains.

Check out these ten tips from the expert herself to ensure that your pregnancy is as healthy as can be. And if you’re looking to get pregnant or in the postpartum phase, stop by Peake Wellness Center to meet Dr. Inhulsen and learn more about the benefits chiropractic care can have on fertility.

  1. Sleep.  Enjoy it now because it gets difficult to catch multiple zzzs in a row once the baby comes!  A newborn typically eats every two hours, making it a tiresome task to keep them fed, even if you're breastfeeding. 

  2. Water.  One gallon per day is your goal!  Amniotic fluid is primarily water, not to mention all the additional blood circulating through your body, so keeping well-hydrated is essential to a healthy pregnancy.  If you're going to breastfeed, this will also come in handy. 

  3. Functional movement.  It's no secret that your body goes through a lot of changes while you're pregnant so working with someone who can help you work out and do daily tasks to decrease pain and improve overall body mobility is a great investment. 

  4. Chiropractic.  Of course, this one is a given!  Ensure that your adjuster has additional training, preferably Webster Certified, and experience working with pregnant women.

  5. Sugar.  Yes, you read that right; however, it's not what you're thinking! This time of year, it's hard to avoid the nasty white sugars that aren't good for you. However, GOOD sugars, like those found in fruits and veggies, are a great resource for brain function, muscle movement, and caffeine replacement. 

  6. Protein.  100 grams of protein a day keeps the baby happy and healthy! 

  7. Magnesium.  The majority of US residents are deficient in this important nutrient, so talk to a healthcare professional who understands the importance of the KIND of magnesium you should be taking.  Not all magnesium is created equal!  One works great for constipation, while others are great sources for leg cramps or brain fog, which are common ailments during pregnancy. 

  8. Omegas.  Because a new body is growing, taking a good omega supplement is great for them and great for mom too! 

  9. Vitamin D.  Especially during this "cold and flu season," this amazing nutrient works much like a steroid to boost your immunity!  Though be sure you're getting it from a good source. The majority of Vitamin D on the market is rancid and NOT recommended by most healthcare professionals.

  10. Liquid B vitamins.  The body can more readily absorb vitamins in a liquid form and B's in particular are great resources especially for nausea! ​​​​​​​

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