5 Ways to Elevate Your Kids Thanksgiving Day Table

Gobble Good Time!

Everyone has stories of being “stuck” at the dreaded kids’ table…it is the longest tale to be told - flimsy card table, hard metal chairs and having to sit with the babies. You would think it was ideal for all the kids to be at one table and the parents at the other, but parents were always having to get up and down to help smaller children with their needs and were never able to sit and enjoy their own meal. 

Here is your solution! Using these 5 tips, we will teach you how to create an interactive and stimulating kids’ table; encouraging play among their peers so the adults can indulge in their own time with friends and family. 

Tip #1 - Create an accessible space so the kids can move freely without help from adults. We chose a low table with layered textures for comfort and ease.

Tip #2 - Assign Seats and use place cards - kids love to see their name written and are overjoyed to see a space has been set aside just for them. We went one step further and created a connect the dots activity with their place cards.  

Tip #3 - Individual hands-on activities to keep those little fingers and brains occupied. This may mean choosing different activities for each child based on their age and abilities. We recommend 3-4 activities to keep them entertained. In addition to the projects at each place setting, we added a box full of coloring mats, crayons, colored pencils, and books. 

Tip #4 - Snacks! Do we really need to explain why- ha! 

Tip #5 - Have fun with it, be creative! 

Meghan Warren found working as an Event Manager and Wedding Planner for both corporate and non-profit organizations exciting. While she loved the larger events, Meghan realized that she was longing for more of a connection with customers.  With 20+ years of experience, MW Events now specializes in children's parties and detailed intimate gatherings.

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