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5 Self Care Tips for the Holidays


Article by Amanda Guy

Photography by Amanda Guy

'Tis the season to be....overspending, overeating and over socializing (and of course, to be jolly!). While it's important to show yourself some love year round, the act of self care can be particularly difficult during a busy holiday season. Here are some quick tips to stay refreshed and settled for the holidays:

1. Make Yourself a Priority

Carve out time to do your normal daily activities such as exercising, journaling, meditating or whatever it is that makes you happy. Treat yourself if you are able! I love indulging in an hour long facial every once in a forces me to put my phone down and close my eyes. If a facial or massage isn't in your budget, try a quiet meditation session (I love the free Insight Timer app that has everything from beginning meditation courses to hour long guided relaxations). 

2. If It's Not a 'Heck yes,' It's a 'No'

This applies to everything from food to family gatherings. We tend to be more flexible with our time, our energy and our values during the holidays to appease others. Don't do something (or eat something, or drink something, or spend on something) that you don't feel good about just because it's December. A few ways to say no: "No.", "No, thank you, that doesn't currently fit in my schedule.", "No, I'm having a dry December.", "No, my budget doesn't allow for that right now.", "I'm sorry, I have other plans for that evening." Be firm, be direct. Saying "yes" when we really want to say no can leave us feeling unsettled and resentful. 

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3. Have Some Quiet Time When You Need It

I'm an introvert, and while I love my family and friends, it can honestly be very stressful to not have the time I need to quietly recharge my brain and energy. If you are at someone's house, a quick walk might do the trick. Out and about? Head to a coffee shop for a 15 minute refuel. 

4. Practice Gratitude

Write down what you are thankful for in a gratitude journal or notebook, even if it's just one sentence or five minutes a day. A quick Google search will provide tons of articles about how practicing gratitude is good for both your mental and physical health. While there isn't a ton of hard research on the subject, what can it hurt?

5. Take a Break from Social Media!

It's so fun to see how everyone else is celebrating, but remember, it's just a highlight reel. If social media causes you to compare or feel unhappy, consider taking a break for a day or two! 

Wishing you a healthy, happy and relaxed holiday season!