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Our Guide to Schools in Nashville


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Gaining insight into schooling institutions in your area is essential, especially if you have kids. However, keeping up with the list of schools available in your area can be a challenge. Thus, that is why it would be good for you to learn about some of the facts associated with schools in Nashville.

Live like a tourist in your town and discover all you need to know about schools in the area. Education is a vital learning resource, and each student has the right to equal access. So, if you want to learn about the learning facilities, this guide should be useful.

Things You Need to Know About Public Schools

Not many people realize that students can still get quality education from public schools. The state and various educational agencies have been doing a lot to improve education facilities. However, the best solution when choosing the right is what suits both you and the child.

Close Proximity to Home

A school near home is likely to have many benefits, which is often a public school. The child will likely live close to other school mates, suitable for social and academic purposes. More so, the proximity to school means that your child won’t need any public transportation, which makes it convenient.

They won’t have to spend lots of time commuting from home to school and back, which can sometimes be challenging. Handling such issues provides the child with the freedom they need to focus on other important life goals. 

Encourages Parent Engagement or Involvement 

Public schools often have various structures in place to improve parent involvement. Parent or guardian involvement is crucial for the academic outcomes of any student. Through this approach, parents and teachers can collaborate to help the student achieve their educational goals.

Furthermore, public schools often encourage parents to engage with local PTA and schooling organizations. However, most parents often have busy schedules, and public schools have to adjust to such issues. 

Free Transportation

Depending on your proximity to the school, your child is likely to require transportation services. You may have to consider timely transportation services for getting them to school. Furthermore, the good thing is that most public schools provide transportation services for students. But, you may also have to schedule a way for them to get to school conveniently.

Learning Disability Services

If your child has some form of learning disability, most public schools have structures in place for such issues.

For instance, under regulations such as the IDEA, all students have the right to equal education. It means that students should gain sufficient access to learning resources, regardless of their learning disabilities. However, private schools may require extra fees to be able to accommodate such students. 

Regulatory Compliance

You may also have to carry out additional research to determine whether the facility meets various academic compliance laws. These are regulations that help control the activities of specific learning facilities. The other role of these laws is to ensure schools maintain standards in providing educational facilities. 

It's vital if the school is new in the area or when you have no useful background information. Usually, the education board has a set standard or protocols to evaluate specific learning facilities' compliance levels. Those who comply often receive various recognitions, and this concept also applies to the quality of education programs available. 

School Districts: Nashville’s Education Facilities

Since the country has many public schools, the state has a convenient way to categorize schools. The use of school districts involves specialized government entities that regulate schools' activities in a specific region.

The state often reviews its activities and functions to ensure these learning facilities perform at optimal levels. Using this approach is vital because trends in education and learning programs change regularly.

Gaining insight into these aspects of education is vital for various reasons. The first benefit is that it makes it easy to organize the schools in your area. You will find it easy to locate high-quality schools in your area that have approval from the state. Below are the other few key things to know about school districts:

Under Regulation by the K12 Program

The specific learning program responsible for all public schools in the country would be K-12. The program has enormous scope and covers students across the primary and education platforms in the U.S. 

The range of functions and activities assigned to these districts varies in relation to various factors. These include factors such as location and the number of schools that are in the school district’s jurisdiction. Aside from the U.S, K-12 is a common standard in various other countries all across the world. 

Functions Relate to the Jurisdiction

While these schools function as independent agencies, they are under regulation from the state. Furthermore, the board of education in specific jurisdiction has oversight procedures for many schools.

In some cases, the agency's activities might be under the state's control or the National Education Board. Some states in the country have programs whereby school districts are under the arm of the county. The good thing is that the state provides access to this information to the public. It helps ensure any new learning facilities, academicians, or instructors have access to quality information. 

MNPS is the School District for Nashville 

To be specific, the school district responsible for Nashville would be MNPS. Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) is the agency that regulates all schools' activities in Nashville. The agency has over 80,000 students enrolled in over 150 different types of schools. 

The organization provides particular insight into these facilities and their functions in education. It helps to keep them accountable for the academic performances of their students each year.

The School Districts are Prone to Changes and Updates

The education system is prone to various changes, and academic programs have to adjust to these challenges.

It ensures the educational facilities can survive and provide quality academic help. Therefore, the responsible organizations such as the state and national education board often make changes to these districts. The state will often share the changes they make to these programs with the compatible educational facilities.

Using this approach helps to hold them accountable for following through with the new protocols. 

Top High Schools in Nashville

Any savvy parent or student has to gain insight into some of the best schools in their jurisdiction. It makes it easy to find good schools that provide the ideal learning environment.

Plus, it also gives parents an easy way to keep track of their child's school progress, which is crucial. Below are some of the top-rated high school suggestions:

Hillsboro High School

The school is famous for setting high standards of excellence in providing education opportunities for students. Over the past year, the school has received various accolades, including the “AdvanceEd” approval. The school also has an open student-run credit union and also started the development of a new campus. 

With its background dating as far back as 1908, Hillsboro is a school with a rich history. The art programs offered at the school have surpassed various national education standards. With an average graduation rate of more than 78%, Hillsboro makes up for the perfect platform for meeting educational goals. 

Republic High School

Republic High School is an academic platform that is also famous for its exceptional graduation rates.

The school has a major focus on helping students learn math, Computer Science, and reading concepts. Through this approach, the school has achieved excellent graduation rates than most schools in the MNPS. 

The graduates of 2019 are famous for receiving over $2 million in financial aid for college studies. The school also has various free resources for students, such as the many bus stops across the city. Plus, the High School even has a free lunch program and transportation for students. 

Hume Fogg High School

The Hume Fogg High school ranks among the best high schools in Nashville. It provides various learning resources, including Advanced Placement education programs. They also have setups to ensure the people from minority communities also get equal access to education resources. Having started way back in the seventeenth century, Hume Fogg has a rich and diverse history.

Best Middle Schools in Nashville

If you have a child who is in or has to graduate to middle school, you will be pleased with Nashville's diversity of learning institutions.

The school list is diverse, and it's right for you to be informed about the top ones. Middle schools in Nashville county vary in terms of the quality of academic resources available. Being in the know of these facts can have many benefits in school selection procedures for your child. These top middle schools in Nashville include:

Wright Middle School

With over 26 language groups available at the school, Wright Middle School is one of Nashville's most popular schools. They have hardworking staff who are responsible for the excellent graduation rates the school offers.

Plus, the middle school is also famous for its various parent and community events. These events aim to improve parent and school cooperation. Thus, students find it easy to follow through with their learning obligations. Like most high-end learning facilities, expect students to have access to various facilities. 

Bellevue Middle School

Serving grades 5-8, Bellevue Middle School is among the leading middle schools in the city. The school believes that collaborating with the community and parents is crucial in achieving their educational goals. The school is often working on solutions to help students become thoughtful and curious individuals in society. 

The school is also benevolent, thanks to their free lunch programs and transportation systems. Thus, you are covered regardless of your proximity to the school within the city. Enrollment is also an easy process, and the schools boast of excellent graduation rates.

Dalewood Middle School

Officially opened in 1963, Dalewood Middle School is the result of a merger between two different schools. These are Hamilton County and Chattanooga City schools, which merged over two decades ago.

The school has developed a strong base of learning instructors who have immense experience in working with students.

The school has various excellent learning resources, including a CDC classroom, sports facilities, science labs, and a sixth-grade classroom. Home to 300 students, Dalewood Junior school offers the perfect learning environment for students. They also have a comprehensive medical staff, which is famous for helping students that have health issues. 

A List of the Top Elementary Schools in Nashville

Since elementary school can be a life-changing moment for students, it's good to ensure you take your child to the right one. Regardless of their previous schooling experiences, elementary schools open the door to a new educational experience. Below is a list of some of them:

Harpeth Valley Elementary School

Ranking as an above school in Nashville, Harpeth Valley elementary school is also excellent. It is home to over seven hundred students, and the managers work hard to maintain a typical student to teacher ratio. The graduation rates of the school are also excellent, and many parents in the area. 

The staff members also have immense training in working with students that have disabilities in learning.

Founded originally in 1939, the school has been offering various types of learning programs for elementary students. However, the current facility was built over two decades ago and is famous for its excellent graduation rates in Nashville. 

Cane Ridge Elementary School

The Cane Ridge Elementary School is famous for having a comprehensive education curriculum for elementary students. The staff members have an immense passion for teaching, and they work hard to ensure students meet their academic goals. 

They also have a well-rounded approach to tackling the educational needs of students. These include addressing emotional, physical, and mental factors. Similar to most elementary schools in the area, you are likely to come across various resources. These include free transportation and a ridge cluster as well. 

Dan Mills Elementary School

Dan Mills is an elementary school with a strong focus on developing its students' numeracy and literacy skills. They achieve this goal to provide a well-controlled and safe environment for students. Furthermore, they also use data to inform their process and develop useful solutions for helping students improve. 

They have a unique program that also helps ensure the school's stakeholders are part of development in the school.

Since students have different learning needs, the school provides various types of classes. These include courses in Art, Music, Physical Education, and more. The school also offers excellent access to useful educational resources to help guide students through their syllabuses.

Crieve Hall Elementary School

It also ranks among some of the top schools in the city. They have a diverse and vibrant learning setup, perfect for all types of elementary students.

While it may be a small neighborhood school, they are responsible for enrolling hundreds of students each year.

They also have associations with the PTA, which encourages excellent relations between parents and teachers. They have an award-winning team of staff, rich academic culture, and are always working hard to promote academic excellence. 

Top 3 Benefits of Associated with Private Schools

When choosing a school, parents today have various options. These include charter, public and private schools. A significant number of parents who can afford it are often interested in private schools.

It is easy to see why, because it’s an education system with unique benefits and challenges. The number of private schools in the country surpassed 2,000 students. They are famous for having high-quality resources for academics and more.

If you can afford it, private schools make up for one of the best places to take your child for education. Below are a few key benefits of private schools:

Choice and Flexibility

Usually, most high-end private schools have various resources to ensure students have the right learning environment.

Parents have the freedom to sure that students will receive equal access to resources. These include academic resources that are not necessarily available in public schools.

Furthermore, the other benefit of private schools is that they often have excellent student to teacher ratios. It's also easy to find schools that align with the values of your family. Usually, private schools rank based on various factors, including religion, boarding, co-ed, and more. 

Instills a Strong Academic Culture in Students

Culture is an essential aspect of any successful learning program today. It helps set the right example for students to follow, and this is one of the benefits of private schools today. The quality of resources at private learning facilities is exceptional. 

Usually, parents have to pay for each resource the student will use. Thus, this makes it easy for the school's management to cater to students' individual needs.

While these privileges are not necessary for students to learn, they can be highly motivating. It can help ensure the students look up to learning sessions and have a good impression of their helpers. 

Ease of Accountability 

Since most private schools require payment for students, it's easy to hold them accountable for your child's academic performance. On the contrary, a public school is often under the control of the state, and it's not easy to find someone to blame for the poor performance of your child.

A private school is accountable to each client they have and failing to explain the cause and solution of such an issue can compromise the business image. Thus, private schools are perfect for parents to identify and determine the answers to their children's academic performances.

Suggestions for Christian Schools in the Local Area

If you are hoping to instill the values of religion in your child, schools are critical in this process. You may have to find the right Christian school for your child.

These schools have typical learning programs. However, they also base all their learning and social programs based on Christian values. Below is a list of some of these top Christian Schools in Nashville: 

Ann School: Nashville Catholic School

The easiest way to understand this school's unique qualities is to gain perspective on the immense learning resources they have available. This is a pre-kindergarten school that has its roots in the Christian language. Furthermore, the St. Ann school is a place a platform that uniquely treats each student's individuality. 

They also have an excellent student to teach ratio, which is vital in the quality of academics they offer. It's among some of the main reasons the school achieves excellent graduation rates. Plus, they also have excellent hands-on syllabuses to help improve the performance of students.

Nashville Christian School

Nashville Christian School is also a private Christian school that sits close to Bellevue, in Nashville. Started in 1971, during the height of racism issues, the school has a deep and rich history. The school also boasts various sporting facilities, including a soccer pitch, basketball courts, and an NFL training field. It was formed based on Christian principles and has evolved to become one of the most socially aware schools in the area. 

This is a college preparatory school that is famous for producing students that excel in various academic disciplines. Their learning syllabuses include multiple subjects, including history, math, english, speech, and more. Plus, they also have support for advanced placement for special students. 

A Basic Guide to Charter Schools

Students have various challenges in education, and agencies such as the state have an essential role to play in such a case.

They have to develop solutions that ensure students can meet their academic goals, regardless of their backgrounds or culture. A charter a school that gets funding from the state but functions as an independent entity for a specific school.

To be precise, such a school operates independently in terms of accountability and day to day operations. These schools are available in Nashville county, and it's good to gain insight into a few of them:

New Vision Charter School

While the New Vision Charter School is currently closed by the state, it has acquired immense fame over the years for its learning facilities.

The school was famous for providing various free resources, which have been behind many students' success today. The school would perform regular oversight procedures to ensure staff members provide quality education to students. The school operated based on taxpayers' funding and had an independent management team for the budgets.

Nashville Prep

The Nashville Prep School is an open-enrollment charter school that serves hundreds of students across the city.

It has affiliations with Republic Schools Network and with the primary dedication to helping students achieve their goals. The school also uses using foundational learning programs to create successful students. 

These include skills in reading, computer science, math, and more. As one would expect with most learning programs, Nashville School has programs to help students excel. A good example would be the TVAAS score, which indicates the score one can earn during their academic journeys. The school also provides students with free access to transportation and free lunch programs. 

KIPP Nashville 

The KIPP Nashville school offers various academic programs, including full Kindergarten, college, and more. They have thousands of students, with an academic graduation rate of over 70%. The school also provides students with access to various useful resources that are important for learning outcomes. 

The school managers started a second middle school branch in the North East section of the city. The facility hosts children in grade five up to eight. They are also famous for activities in leadership, music, and academics programs.

How to Choose the Right Boarding Schools

Boarding schools will provide an excellent social and informed academic environment, where they can excel in their studies. Studying in such facilities motivates students to work harder when compared to day schools.

For most guardians or parents, choosing the right school can be a hectic task. Since you won't be seeing your child will be in the school's hands for several days at a time, it's good to choose the right schools.

The first factor to consider when choosing a school is to start with the needs of the student. Below are a few things to consider when selecting boarding schools:


What are the general opinions students have about education? Go as far as gaining insight into the perspectives of previous alumni in the school.

Furthermore, remember to query about the tuition value that the system offers for students. Using a resource such as the Fraser Institute school ranking can be convenient.

While these lists are not comprehensive, they can be highly informative. The school should have excellent reviews from its previous clients and parents. Furthermore, you can also seek information from agencies such as the education board.

Academic Resources

The quality of learning resources the school provides is also crucial. Remember to ask specific questions relating to the courses taught at the school.

For instance, you may have an English Second Language (ESL) child who requires added help with communication. Or, you may have a student who needs extra help with technical courses such as visual arts. Thus, considering these factors is crucial in choosing the right boarding schools. 

The Mission and Vision of the School

It’s a concept that one will often come across in business topics. The vision and mission statement of particular organizations helps to identify their activities. It also helps to show the level of importance the school places on its operations and the students. 

Usually, you will find this information on the brochures or operational documents shared by the educational facility. Thus, one can also use the mission or vision to determine whether a learning facility can provide students with quality resources. 

Size of the School

You may also have to consider the size of the school. A large and well-controlled school can sub communicate various positive things.

For instance, it can show the school is a resourceful organization, offering high-quality learning programs for your students. It may also show that the school is large enough for your child to engage in social activities related to their learning outcomes. The school's size also determines various other vital aspects, such as the availability of sporting resources. 

The Benefits of Summer Schools

Everyone often looks forward to the summer holidays and the precious time you can spend outdoors.

However, the issue is that the holidays can sometimes stretch out for many days. After the first few days of celebrating freedom, boredom often sets in for most kids. The other issue is that not many kids are willing to give up free time for academics or learning programs. 

Thus, it’s a good thing to get them enrolled in top-rated summer schools. These schools are excellent ways to polish up on specific life or academic aspects that will benefit your child. The top things for students to do at these schools include:

To improve grades

The first benefit of summer schools is that they are excellent for improving a student's basic education skills. The additional learning tuition will help enforce the crucial concepts they learned in school. The learning environments in such facilities often feature specialized resources for students with such goals. These include libraries, wi-fi access, and more. Furthermore, it can be useful to provide them with new concepts or life skills. 

Brush up your skills – summer school is an excellent platform to improve the areas you are weak in academics and general life. These are crucial skills that will help students achieve their educational goals. Usually, it’s a learning setting that features students from different backgrounds. These learning facilities also pair the students with teachers who can deal with students that have learning disabilities. 

To help with university applications – some universities have various regulations before students can join their platforms. These regulations allow these learning facilities to sieve out the good students from the many applicants out there. A good example would be entrance exams, where students have to demonstrate their prowess in specific areas. The typical exam types in this category include the SATs, which are often challenging for most students.

To ease into next year's coursework—if your child has learning disabilities, or they tend to struggle with a specific learning program—sign them up for summer school. A summer school can provide the perfect platform for enforcing the child’s knowledge in a particular topic area. The instructors at the learning facility can come up with customized learning programs to ensure the best outcomes. While such a service might be available at an additional cost, the benefits make it a reasonable investment.

In Conclusion 

Whether you are new to the city or want a good place to take your child for academics, it's good to be well informed. Nashville is one of the largest cities in the country and is home to multiple learning facilities.

We have covered most of the details relating to the schools you are likely to find in the area. Remember that selecting schools depends on your preferences and those of the student. The main reason for this is that there are many schools in the city, which students can consider. Furthermore, various factors, such as proximity and availability of funds, are also crucial.