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For the past two months I've had the pleasure of homeschooling my three daughters while simultaneously working full time from home with my husband, who also happens to co-publish Bridgewater Lifestyle with me. Overall, it has been an extremely pleasant experience. The girls are learning a ton and we are really bonding as a family...


The past two months have been HARD! My first and second graders spend most of the morning arguing over the injustice of who has more work to do that day, meanwhile the curriculum I created for my preschooler is modeled after the no school movement. Kids learn best through play right? Does watching Trolls on repeat and playing iPad games until her fingers go numb count as playing?... Asking for a friend.

Homeschooling was cute for the first few weeks, and now it's not. Like not even a little bit. I know this summer I'm going to have to play a little catch up with my girls, so I started researching local tutoring centers that are also offering virtual options. This is a way I can support a local business while also maintaining social distancing and helping my kids academically where I can't. It's a win/win.

Below is a list of tutoring options in the Bridgewater area that can help your kids avoid more than just the normal Summer Slump, but the COVID Slump as well.

Bonnie R. Kole, Educational Advocate

(908) 295-4701/brkole@gmail.com

Bonnie is an Educational Advocate (not an attorney) who understands how to work productively with your child's school on issues of appropriate placement, IEP, HIB, 504 and Special Education circumstances. She is also a Reading Specialist who can provide comprehensive literacy services to children who have difficulties with reading and writing, as well as children who need enrichment in the language arts. NJ State Certifications: Principal (CE) Supervisor, Reading Specialist, Teacher of Reading, Teacher of Social Studies, Elementary School Teacher, M.Ed.Developmental Reading, and M.Ed.Educational Leadership.

C2 Education of Bridgewater

(908) 722-4700/bridgewater@c2educate.com

While our centers are temporarily closed, we have transitioned the complete C2 experience online. Everything we do in our centers is available online until we reopen our centers:

  • The same local teams interacting directly with students and their families
  • The same tools, tests, and content as in our centers
  • The same personalized, individualized instruction by expert tutors
  • The same focused support for each individual student to drive results

Still personal, still individualized, still the same C2… but with a bit more space between us.

College Nannies, Sitters and Tutors

(973) 288-2699, baskingridgenj@collegenannies.com

While you manage lunch, e-learning and important video calls, our sitters will actively engage online as a study buddy, storyteller, yogi or anything in between. Schedule a virtual sitter today.

Chandler Learning Center


We offer one-on-one tutoring for nearly all academic subjects, standardized tests, applications, essays, enrichment sessions and more. Right now all sessions are being conducted over Skype.

Eye Level Bridgewater

(908) 396-2000/ bridgewater@myeyelevel.com

Eye Level’s approach allows each child to become the key to his or her success. Students set goals and the curriculum with the help of the instructor, work to stay on track, and gradually master all exercises. With each successful step, the student gains more self-confidence, motivation and direction in the quest for knowledge and critical thinking. As positive study habits and valuable personality traits develop, these skills will also translate to all facets of life. Eye Level students do not attend classrooms in the traditional sense. Although students come together to learn, Eye Level, by definition, is a personalized experience involving the student, parents and instructor. Whether the immediate goal is for early learning, remedial education, or academic challenge, each child's curriculum is individualized based on an initial knowledge assessment, skills and attitudes toward education. 

Huntington Learning Center

(908) 725-3900/hlcexton@gmail.com

Right now, students are at risk of falling behind. Huntington Learning Center helps them catch up and get ahead with K-12 tutoring and test prep, online and in-center. Huntingon is offering virtual tutoring right now. 

JEI Learning Center

Bridgewater Location: (908) 864-4058/bridgewater@jeilearning.com

Warren Location: (908) 791-1998/warren@jeilearning.com

Bring the quality of our programs home with JEI Remote Learning. Students can continue fostering good study habits using the JEI Self Learning Method and JEI Workbooks.

Kumon Math and Reading Center of Bridgewater

(908) 722-2677/bridgewater_nj@ikumon.com

Learnwith Kumon at home! Kumon Math and Reading Centers develop the untapped potential of each and every child through building confidence and developing skills in the fundamental building blocks of math and reading. At Kumon, we believe that every child has the potential to learn far beyond our expectations. It is the job of our Kumon Center to encourage each individual child to want to learn, to enjoy learning, and to be capable of studying successfully in the future.


(908) 222-7246/mike.dicristino@learningrx.net

Due to recent circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 virus and the increasing number of shelter-in-place guidelines, LearningRx Centers in the U.S. are offering online 1-on-1 brain programs to new and existing clients. If you find yourself or a loved one struggling in school or work, you should consider the services of LearningRx. We are a brain training center in Warren that pairs clients with their own trainers for personalized mental exercises that are both challenging and fun. Our Brain Skills Assessment will highlight your weak areas and provide us with the “why” behind some of your difficulties. This will allow us to develop a plan that will cater to your needs.

Sabrina Academy

(732) 336-9139/info@sabrinaacademy.com

We have selected only the finest NJ Certified School Teachers to join our team as tutors. We guarantee the best tutors for your subject as well as all other subjects. Our tutors are top notch public school teachers. Most of them currently teach AP and Honors classes. Our tutors have an average of 15 + years of experience in teaching. 

International Ivy

(908) 899-1338/info@iisummer.com

All virtual classes are led by a live instructor, who will teach and guide campers in discussions, interactions and project-based challenges.

Over 50+ classes for kids ages 5-15 in many subjects: Computer Programming, Digital Design, Video Game Creation, Minecraft, Science, Engineering, Math, Business, Arts, Humanities and more.

Classes are designed to nurture hands-on learning, problem-solving, creativity, communication and positive self-esteem through achievement of skills.

Small Class Experience – at most 6 campers!

Somerset Learning Center

(908) 725-5454/lmarshak@somersetlearning.com

Personalized Tutoring and Test Preparation for Your Child... Now Available 1:1 Online with NJ Certified School Teachers!

Y2 Academy

(908) 864-4292/bridgewater@y2academy.com

SAT, ACT, PSAT,SAT Subject Test, AP Courses, Reading, Writing. At least 320 point or a score of 1520 SAT Score Guarantee Program. Now offering online remote classes and online study.

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