6 Bites In

This local food-scene influencer shares his favorite spots and how his fame came to be

Augusta native and 6bitesin food promoter, Scott Russell, conveys his love of local cuisine through his signature action-packed food photos. “You’ve got to get in there and mess up the food a little to know it tastes good,” says Scott. “It can’t just all be pretty pictures.”

What started out as a joke has led Scott down a path he didn’t expect. “I was at a restaurant,” remembers Scott. “I took a bite of my sandwich, but my phone had asked me to take a picture of it for Google. I looked at my friend and said, 'Man, I forgot to take a picture before I took a bite,' and he told me to do it anyway.” Today, we look no further than the 30 million views of his google pics and 3,000 Instagram followers to see that fans love Scott’s style.

“My love of food comes from having family meals around the dinner table, laughing with my brothers and sisters until somebody shot milk out of their nose or something,” shares Scott while he laughs at the memories. “I’ve always loved how food brings people together. I like to promote a great food experience at a restaurant, not just the food at the restaurant.”

Scott chooses restaurants based on word of mouth and fan referrals. “I love supporting everything local,” he says. “The whole point of what I do is trying to highlight businesses that aren’t necessarily the super popular restaurants everybody goes to all the time.”

So, what is Scott’s favorite local restaurant? “That’s my million-dollar question,” says Scott. “For an all-around favorite, I’ve been really big on Namaste Indian Street Food and Laziza Mediterranean Grill. And I’m a huge supporter and lover of Jackie M’s and Son.”

An important detail…Scott isn’t being paid or comped meals for his reviews. “They’re not biased opinions; they are just my legit, truthful review.”

You can find reviews and recommendations at Scott Russell on Facebook and @6bitesin on Instagram.

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