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A Hidden Gem of Venice, California


Article by Khrystyna Iaroshenko

Photography by Khrystyna Iaroshenko

Have you ever visited Grow Venice, a hidden treasure in the heart of Venice, California?

The first minute I stepped in, I literally wanted to buy everything in this store. I accidentally found it first online wen I was buying some decorations and candles. Delivery was always fast and I wanted to support small local business. And as soon as the business were reopened, I rushed to visit it in person. And it was love at first sight, such a cute store, millions of little things that I need.

I asked the founder of the shop, Yana Khudyakova, to tell me a bit about this fantastic place:

"Grow Venice is an outdoor “market” inspired gift shop which came about from travels abroad and a love of nature. Imagine an Oriental bazaar or European flea markets mixed with walks in the forest or a stroll in the park, with some sort of greenery and relaxing ambiance of birds, butterflies and the open sky (well, almost open).

My personal background is in interior design, so I was hoping to blend it somehow with the outdoor concept and the idea of the blending of the indoor/outdoor as well as offering products that bring a sense of humor to mandate things.

The customers are usually travelers just like me, that are looking for an experience We rarely need things; we need only food, water and shelter, and I offer none of this. In a nutshell, it is the sort of gift shop where you buy items for your friends and family to bring back home.

As to customers, they have been pilots from Germany, French families, Canadian tourists and the Australian crowds that were coming before corona virus; this year we’ll have some “local tourists” from San Diego, northern California as well as from all over United States.

You must come and experience for yourself!