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7 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

"Don't take criticism from someone you would never take advice from" and other life lessons

Even if we live in gratitude for our life and how we got where we are today, there are always lessons we learn along the way that for just a moment we wish we could back in time, find our twenty year old self, and give them a big pep talk with these nuggets of wisdom. There are many things I wish I could tell my younger self. As I sit here in this moment with a life and career that looks quite different than it did 2 years ago, surrounded by incredible women and an incredible community, here are 7 things that come to mind:

1. Stay Your Course. Keep Your Focus - Don’t get distracted by people on the sidelines. I remember a comment I kept hearing before I launched the magazine was ‘I hope that works out for you.’ I wasn’t going in for an operation, I was launching a magazine, something that in me evoked excitement and passion. There will always be little comments and people more prone to discouragement, stay focused, stay intentional and do the work to get where you want to go. The recipe is simple if you follow it.

2. Don’t Take Criticism From Someone You Would Never Take Advice From - Stay above the fray of the people you would never ask advice. There has to be science behind the fact that so often our most vocal critics are people whose lives we would never aspire to mimic. Look at the source before you let it hurt your feelings. 

3. Appreciate Each Moment, They Are All Opportunities To Grow - Stop looking at things as good or bad, and start looking at them as opportunities. In each there is a lesson on how to react, how to relearn behavior, and how to come out a better human.

4. Complain Less - Sure there’s a time to vent, but be very aware of what is coming out of your mouth. Complaining doesn’t just affect whomever or whatever you’re speaking about, it affects you, your mindset, and your productivity too. When we complain regularly that negative thought process will become your default mode way of thinking.

5. Surround Yourself With People That Make You Want To Be Better - Sometimes we end up with situational friendships, but sometimes those people do not leave us with a good feeling after being together. Take notice of how people leave you feeling. Choose to surround yourself with people that offer wisdom and make you feel good. I also notice what people laugh at, if their laughter comes from talking bad about others, that’s a big red flag.

6. Recognize Negativity - Negativity isn’t just saying something negative, it’s undermining another, it’s a bad attitude, it’s not thinking positively, etc. Your are your thoughts, so choose to think positively.

7. Fall In Love With Life And People - This doesn’t mean you have to like everyone and every situation, but it does mean you are curious about life in all facets. You have a passion for life's moments, how it ebbs and flows, and how beauty can come out of pain. Instead of seeing people as an annoyance or inconvenience, you see how we are all connected and you try to find the good in others.