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The Hendersonville Chamber held a ribbon cutting ceremony for HUD's 75th anniversary.

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Water - Life's Essence

Hendersonville Utility District Celebrates Its Diamond Jubilee

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”

Loren Eiseley

Water – the ultimate source of life.

From expansive seas and oceans to the tiniest streams, all water is precious, and it is vital for the  survival of all living things.

Properly managed, water is the ultimate recyclable resource. The water that we use today has been used over and over again since the world was created.

However, many regions of the world do not enjoy access to safe and available fresh water supplies. Hardly a day goes by without major news organizations reporting the emergence of yet another water crisis somewhere.

Water shortages arise from many causes, including drought, overpopulation and changes in weather patterns. Parched equatorial regions in emerging countries are affected the most; however, the United States is also vulnerable to water crises, as is evident in the arid southwest.

Due to foresight and planning by the Hendersonville Utility District (HUD), local residents and businesses have been able to avoid these issues. The City by the Lake has been privileged to enjoy a safe and plentiful source of fresh water for 75 years.

“Water infrastructure provided through the district has been a catalyst for Hendersonville’s residential and business growth. The city’s abundant water resources have helped the city to become a premier residential location for many artists, entrepreneurs and business professionals,” says Brenda Payne, former executive director of the Hendersonville Area Chamber of Commerce and Volunteer State Community College Foundation. “Hendersonville Utility District has been instrumental in helping our city to thrive. We should be forever grateful for the vision and support of the district.”

Brenda’s comments were echoed by former Sumner County Mayor Anthony Holt.

“When I was county mayor, I enjoyed working with the Hendersonville Utility District team and I appreciate the vision that they have for our community,” says Holt. “Their commitment to providing dependable water and sewer services at great prices has helped the district to become one of the premier utility providers in the region.”

In recognition of the district’s 75th anniversary, HUD held a special celebration event at its main office on Apr. 14. Hundreds of people attended the event, which featured food trucks, giveaways, games and a special display of the district’s history, as told through photographs and publications. The highlight of the day was a commemorative ribbon cutting hosted by the Hendersonville Area Chamber of Commerce.

  • Hendersonville Utility District's newest water plant is located at Savo Bay on Old Hickory Lake.
  • General Manager Joe Rewa addresses the crowd during HUD's 75th anniversary celebration.
  • The Hendersonville Chamber held a ribbon cutting ceremony for HUD's 75th anniversary.
  • Meghan Rewa and Mary Gauerke share a moment during the HUD celebration.
  • Members of HUD's team pose in front of the district's main office.