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A Beauty That Lasts

Make More Time for You with Long Lasting Rhino Shield

It repels rain while allowing water vapor to escape. It reflects the rays of the sun, keeping your home cooler. It even contains a proprietary additive to prevent mold, mildew, and algae. What could it be?

Marc Mercier, owner of Rhino Shield of Michigan, says all this and more can be found in Rhino Shield ceramic coating, a novel product for home exteriors. Marc, who started his Rhino Shield business in 2008 from his garage with his wife Sheryl, explains that Rhino Shield is not paint. It is a ceramic coating approximately 10 times thicker than ordinary exterior paint. The company behind the Rhino Shield product has been around for decades, but the coating became what it is today after a reformulation in 1998 for an episode of This Old House, using unique ceramics from 3M and high-grade resins from Dupont.

Usually costing halfway between a professional paint job and new vinyl siding, Marc prides himself on their thorough preparation and application process, which is backed up by a 25-year warranty against cracking, chipping, or peeling. Marc’s team begins by making a careful inspection of the home, noting areas of damaged wood or other repairs to be made before applying Rhino Shield. Next, the home is carefully pressure washed, scraped, and caulked. The primer and finish coat are applied, followed by a final check and touch up. “People don’t understand how thorough we are about preparation,” says Marc, but it is essential to ensure the finished product lives up to expectations.

Not only does Rhino Shield provide a durable finish to your home, but it can also be tinted to virtually any color. Rhino Shield can be rolled, sprayed, or brushed on, just like paint, and because it has virtually no breakdown, it lasts much longer than paint. Marc points to a job done in White Lake back in 2001, and notes “that house looks as freshly painted now as the day it was installed.”

Whether stucco, aluminum, masonry, or wood, a long-lasting, attractive alternative to exterior house paint can free up more of your time for the things you would rather be doing! For more information or a free inspection, visit

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