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DrivingMBA Teaches New Drivers How to Be Safe and Confident

Article by Angel Fuchs

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Getting teens and new drivers ready for the road can be stressful. DrivingMBA ( aims to reduce that stress by offering a driving program that gets both the parents and the teens involved in the process. They are teaching new drivers the skills needed to be safe and competent behind the wheel. 

Founding DrivingMBA

Maria Wojtczak and her husband opened the first DrivingMBA in Scottsdale in 2003. They opened their second location in Arrowhead in North Glendale last March.

The DrivingMBA program is designed to help novice drivers obtain a better understanding of the skills required to be responsible drivers, develop safe driving habits and decision-making skills and understand both personal and vehicle limitations.

DrivingMBA Simulation Labs

The program utilizes fundamental simulation labs that immerse students in real-world scenarios. The SIM program has more than 35 scenarios of what could go wrong while driving and how to respond to them, such as harsh weather conditions, red-light runners and even blown-out tires.

Once the student has successfully completed the SIM portion of the program, they advance to real-world driving on actual roads with an instructor.

While the student goes through the real-world driving portion of the program, parents receive coaching on how to support new drivers. 

Programs for Exceptional Students

DrivingMBA is great for teaching drivers with special needs. “We cater to students with learning challenges as well,” said Wojtczak. “This is not a class, it's a process. Our goal is to make sure every student is competent to safely be on a roadway.” 

PAGE 2 PULL QUOTE: “Parental involvement when learning to drive is necessary. We partner with parents to develop a confident driver.

The DrivingMBA Difference

Classroom Instruction

DrivingMBA's teen driving program combines classroom, coached simulation and on-road instruction. The classroom model is interactive and engaging for students and includes demonstrations.

Simulator Labs

DrivingMBA offers state-of-the-art technology that engages teens, provides realistic, hands-on training in simulated environments and gives students a chance to respond to real-world situations in complete safety. Defensive driving is a critical part of the DrivingMBA program and is available as a separate course for those with 25 to 30 hours of on-road experience. 

On-Road Instruction

Once students feel comfortable in the simulation labs, they can begin to experience real-world driving with a DrivingMBA instructor. They learn freeway driving, navigating on- and off-ramps, making left turns and more. They also get pointers on how to identify potential hazards, avoid dangerous situations and mitigate risk. 

Maria Wojtczak Explains

What Sets DrivingMBA Apart

  1. Students learn "how to drive" in a safe and controlled simulation lab
  2. Students follow specific on-road routes to meet measurable objectives
  3. Parents go through a coaching course to help support new drivers
  4. Students experience the dangers of distracted driving in a simulated environment
  5. Students experience driving hazards, such as red-light runners, head-on collisions and dust storms, in the defensive driving lab
  6. Students complete a comprehensive on-road evaluation of skill

Visit for more details and to schedule a visit. 

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