A Boutique for Women, by Women

Amore & Fede, located in downtown Excelsior, has been providing fun and new fashions to the area since 2007

Amore & Fede is more than just a clothing boutique. Owner Debbie Slusar has a mission and purpose behind the shop she opened in October 2007. “We started in 2007 as a dba (doing business as) of WWP Productions, which meant women with purpose,” says Debbie. “There were three of us when we started out, and our mission was to start a faith-based line of clothing as one of the existing partners had experience on the shopping networks.” Once the brick-and-mortar space was identified and secured, it was a sprint to get the shop open. “In less than 6 weeks, we had the space ready, thanks to my husband Daran and a friend who worked diligently to get the store ready,” says Debbie. “Then it was a mad rush to find a pos system, hangers, bags, apparel, and accessories!” 

Evolving Style

Since it first opened, Amore & Fede has gone through its own style revolutions. “When Amore & Fede first opened, we were basically a bling store,” says Debbie. “We had Miss Me jeans with bling on the pockets, tops, and handbags with bling crosses. Everything was bling!” In 2011, Debbie bought out her partner’s share of the store and embarked on a refresh. “I wanted a more classic look in our store,” explains Debbie. “Clean pieces and patterns that were very fashionable and fun. I wanted my styles to stand out, so I looked for brands that were a bit edgy but classic and fun.”

Debbie and her daughter Brittany will seek out pieces for the boutique during their buying trips that appeal to both of them. Brittany also works full-time at the boutique in sales and marketing. This helps ensure that Amore & Fede is a boutique for women across generations and that there is something for everyone. “We have some great brands that we love, and when at market, we view the styles, make notes and then finalize the ones we like the best or imagine what our customers will love,” shares Debbie. “Make sure to follow us on our social media platforms. Brittany keeps Amore & Fede’s social media up to date with all the latest styles.”

Faith-Based Mission

Debbie wants to not only sell fabulous clothing and accessories—the boutique needed to have a strong purpose and mission. “My number one mission is to always give glory to God for what I do,” says Debbie. “We do this through supporting charities such as World Vision and Union Gospel Mission as part of our way to give back to those in need. We also support many of the local charity events in the community by donating gift cards to their silent auctions.” Paying it forward and embodying a sense of gratitude is important to Debbie. “God has blessed us with many great people who have passed through our doors and continue to come back to support us, and we are very grateful and thankful for every one of them.”

Community Connections

Over the past 17 years that the boutique has been a part of the Excelsior community, Debbie, Daran, and Brittany have established a positive rapport with the customers that come through their doors. “What we love most about Amore & Fede is the joy of spending time with all our customers and helping them find great outfits, a gift for a friend or family member,” says Debbie. “We love meeting new people, local and from out of town, and we love being a part of the community of Excelsior.”

Amore & Fede offers an array of styles. Daughters, mothers, and grandmothers are all sure to find something new to love at the boutique. “We have many great styles from our top vendors such as Liverpool, Tommy Bahama, and Z Supply, and many more for both the moms and daughters who can shop and enjoy their shopping experience together. We want our customers to feel at home and can relax and have fun when in our boutique,” says Debbie. And finally, creating a supportive atmosphere in the boutique is so essential. “We hear the customers say they feel at home in our store. A place where they can laugh, sometimes cry as they share stories and where prayers can be asked for and be given,” says Debbie.

For more information about Amore & Fede, follow us on facebook at facebook.com/amorefede, on Instagram @amorefedeboutique, or visit their store in downtown Excelsior at 226 Water Street. 

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