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Tiffany Lightner wants your home to feel clean, no matter who lives there.

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Making Your Home Shine

Tiffany Lightner helps take the work out of housework

When was the last time you cleaned your floorboards? How about that spot between the stove and the counter? For Tiffany Lightner, it’s most mornings with her team at Charm Legacy Cleaners DFW.

Charm Legacy Cleaners DFW is a full-service cleaning solution for full-time workers, overwhelmed parents, and everyone in between. Lightner and her staff can handle all cleaning needs, such as standard move-out/move-in cleaning, pet-safe cleanses, and commercial kitchen scrubbings.

Lightner said her most scheduled services are organization and laundry services, showing they are more than cleaners.

“We come into your home and revamp the space,” she explained. “We organize closets, pantries, refrigerators, etcetera. The goal is to make it easier to operate and function in your home while taking something off of your plate.” 

Growing up as the only daughter and the oldest sibling in a large family, she spent her whole life in the church. Her grandparents, whom she refers to as her parents, were prominent pastors, and it was in the church where they instilled the virtue of servitude. 

“It’s just the best way to learn morals and values that, as kids, we often take for granted,” she said. “As an adult, I am so grateful for every lesson I learned in the church.” 

Lightner also has made a point to give back as much as possible through her nonprofit, The Charles & Margie Lightner Foundation (CHARM), named after her grandparents. Lightner and volunteers visit homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and women’s shelters to serve in any capacity. 

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"We come into your home and revamp the space."

  • Tiffany Lightner wants your home to feel clean, no matter who lives there.