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A Child's Champion

Childspring International

Every now and then, a doctor meets a patient who leaves a lasting impression on him and even inspires him. 

When Peter Moseley came to The Graivier Center for facial reconstruction after a bout with skin cancer, he met Dr. Hill and Dr. Graivier who immediately were impressed by his countenance and solid temperament. They later discovered the deep convictions that buoy Peter and his family and wanted to share his story.

Peter Moseley has been a resident of Cumming for the last 37 years. He has always been involved with our community, from putting his children through the Forsyth County School System and being a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club of South Forsyth, to coaching various youth sports teams.  

Peter and his wife Shelby joined the board of Childspring International and volunteer as host parents. She would often travel on mission trips and found that many children needed surgeries that they were unable to perform abroad. Childspring International was founded to help children in need by bringing them to the U.S. to perform life-changing surgeries.   

Childspring International is renowned around the globe, helping more than 5,000 children to date. They are headquartered right here in Atlanta, but with the relationships they developed around the world, they now have connections to also bring children to neighboring countries where the dollar carries further. Plus, they have developed solid partnerships in-country via local physician education so that even more children receive access to reliable surgery. 

The Moseley family has personally hosted children and families on several occasions, sometimes for up to seven months. They have assisted children who came to receive prosthetics, multiple heart surgeries, orthopedic and spine surgeries and much more. One boy lost his arms after a hyena attack and came to Atlanta for two prosthetics and more than six scalp surgeries. The majority of patients undergo lifesaving heart surgeries. 

The foundation hosts several events during the year to raise funds for their missions. In the month of August alone, CSI helped to provide 25 surgeries for children from four different countries.

Volunteers are always needed at Childspring International as hosts, sponsors, event organizers and office assistants. Peter and Shelby might just inspire you to change a child's life too.