A Child's Fashion Celebration

An overcast day provided the perfect setting for a mini fashion show

On a Saturday morning in mid-June, it was not looking good for the photo shoot I had scheduled we have 9-year-old Hannah Schwartz and her family. The forecast called for a wet, soggy weekend and as I ventured out of the house, the gray skies did nothing to ease my concern.

Heading toward downtown Winter Park, hoping to beat the coming rains, I thought there might be a chance that I could get a few good shots before it started to pour. So I crossed my fingers, and headed east with the weather system following behind me.

After parking, I walked quickly toward the Central Park stage and as I approached, I was relieved to see that Hannah, her grandparents, and her mom were already there. She was already wearing her brand-new baby girl pink dress with a butterfly pattern from Retsugo ($29.99 from Amazon).

Since we were on a stage, it seemed appropriate that she might like to perform, so I asked her to pretend there was music and dance to it. As the gray skies got a little darker, Hannah twirled on stage showing off her beautiful new dress. Thankfully, the rain held off and the overcast skies provided ideal natural lighting.

After a quick change, Hannah emerged wearing a classic Peach colored dress from GB Girls ($49 from Dillards). We all walked to an iconic fountain a few yards away from the stage, hoping to get a few good shots as the wind picked up. Hannah posed beautifully seated on the edge of the fountain as I took several more shots.

As we started walking towards the parking garage, we felt the first sporadic raindrops. Within a few minutes, it had turned into a steady rain. Sure, I was a little damp, but happy with the way our photo shoot turned out.

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