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Spring’s Clear Watch Winner

Ritmo Mundo’s new Pegasus glass watch collection has taken flight. Marked by dramatic spectacle and elite performance, the groundbreaking, fully transparent glass watches herald a new era of daring Ritmo Mundo designs.

The 44mm cushion-shaped glass case offers a 360° panoramic view of its skeletonized mechanical watch movement and dial designs – offered in a range of hues and dial variations including brushed dial rings and crystal accents.

With its attainable $3,500 USD retail price, the Pegasus offers a luxurious yet attainable alternative to the sapphire watch case. Ranking just behind sapphire on the Mohs hardness scale at 7, this synthetic glass case has been tested for optimal durability and scratch

This glassy watch also offers unexpected athletic performance with a 48-hour power reserve, ergonomically engineered case design (just 11.3 mm thick), and silicone strap. A screw-down crown and sealed corrosion-resistant and mold resistant back cover ensuring water resistance up to 3ATM, and luminous, pointer-style hands guarantee perfect legibility by day or night.
The Pegasus collection launch marks a sea change for the Los Angeles, California based watch brand, originally founded in 2002, and underlines the brand’s high-flying ambitions.

According to brand founder, Hollywood insider, and former Rodeo Drive luxury retailer Ali Soltani, the Pegasus is “a daring and nuanced design for the discerning collector – an attainable luxury watch that is genuinely innovative and remarkably cool.” He says, “This crystal-clear glass watch case design affirms our desire as a brand to push boundaries and set new standards – not just keeping pace with the future – but also shaping it.”

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