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A Community Market

Stop in for great food and a friendly hello

Hailey Hiett was a stay-at-home mom who started providing home-cooked meals for other busy moms as a hobby. These delicious meals were such a hit that her hobby eventually turned into a business, Serve it Up Nashville.

Today, Hailey and her husband, Jeremy Hiett, also own the Brentwood Market, which she says is a kind of historical landmark in Brentwood. “This building has been here since 1963. Over time it’s changed owners, but it’s always been the Brentwood Market. It was really important for us to keep the name since it’s such an icon in Brentwood.”

“One of the things that was important is that we did not lose the character of the time frame, and that we kept a certain culture here of a small general store in Brentwood,” says Jeremy.

Their focus was to re-create an old mom-and-pop feel, a place where everybody knows your name. When you walk into the open and brightly lit store, you’ll hear honky tonk music and see a big wooden farm table, or, as they call it, the community table. This is where people can sit for a quick bite or wait for their orders.

“You’ll see all kinds of people sitting there and that’s what I love about this place,” says Hailey. “It’s really sweet because community happens at that table. I think this has become the purpose and feel of this market.”

Fittingly, a sign hanging over the table states, “The best memories are made when gathered around the table.” Along with community, the Market offers breakfast and lunch and oh-so-much more. It’s actually best known for its homemade prepared meals and desserts.

“We make things daily and carry everything from low carb and healthier options to good old grandma’s home cooking,” says Hailey. “Everything is made from scratch, which is one of the things we take pride in.”

“Our homemade desserts have become an unbelievable part of our business,” says Jeremy. There’s delicious carrot cake, strawberry cake, caramel cake, maple pecan pie and homemade fudge brownies, which are mostly made from family recipes.

Besides items you would expect to find in a convenience store such as chips, soda, and candy, what makes Brentwood Market special is what else you will find on its shelves.

“We have organic Amish eggs and butter, and during the summer, we bring in Amish home grown vegetables,” says Hailey. In addition, the store carries locally made dairy milk and honey.

The Market also has special holiday menus and holiday items such as chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day and Easter-themed sugar cookies. Hailey is continually coming up with new and fun ideas.

Be sure to visit and experience all it has to offer, including its friendly atmosphere. “God’s brought us a lot of awesome people who love what they do, so when you come into the Market, you’re going to be greeted with a smile and a ‘Hey, how are you?’,” says Jeremy. “We feel very lucky to work with the team we have.”

“We’ve been in business through the pandemic and it will be two years in September,” says Hailey. “It’s been an honor to be supported by the community like we’ve been.”