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Conference For Professional Success

Women Sharing Their Knowledge In Dynamic, Inspiring Atmosphere

TN Women Connect was founded in 2020 by Nashville native and realtor, Lucy Miller, when she couldn’t find a women’s networking option that was the right fit for her. TN Women Connect is a way for businesswomen to network, collaborate and learn. In addition to monthly gatherings, its first annual conference was held last year. It was a huge success, and the organization is thrilled to bring an even more dynamic conference to the women of Tennessee this year.

Here, Lucy shares details about the conference being held on Oct. 20 at the Loveless Café Barn. Tickets are available at

What are the main goals of these conferences?

We’re providing valuable, actionable business tips. Not just inspiration, but takeaways that can be put into place in your business.

Tell us why you chose to make this year’s theme “Abundance.”

Tennessee Women Connect is all about abundance! There's a lot of collaboration that happens with our attendees. Being able to bring women together from the same and different industries is important because everyone has different backgrounds, stories and skill sets to share. 

Why were these particular women chosen to speak at this year’s conference?

Sherry Deutschmann, Keynote

Entrepreneur, author, and advocate for entrepreneurship

Three Tips to Make Your Business More Profitable:  Sherry’s expertise is invaluable. She’ll be speaking about three ways to build more profitability within your business, which go hand in hand with abundance. My hope is that every person attending will embrace an abundance mindset, and learn new things.

Kirbee Miller

Founder, KiNiMi Kitchen and Kirbee + Co

Nourishing an Abundant Mindset:  Kirbee’s a dynamic speaker and truly embodies the abundance mindset. She’ll share firsthand what it feels like to create and grow a phenomenally successful business.

Deeannah Seymour

CEO and Founder, pH-D Feminine Health

Five Things to Know Before Starting Your Business:  Deeannah will be sharing lessons she learned along the way – things she wished she had done differently or known about earlier on in her career. Although many of our women are not in the early stages of their businesses, there's always something to learn from entrepreneurs like her.

Tina Phillips

CEO & Founder, 615innovations LLC

The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Prospects Don't Buy (and How to Change That):  Tina will share information about converting prospects and how to master the entire sales process. The topic of sales is one that's so important for our attendees.

Teresa White

Business Coach

Networking Done Right:  Teresa works with small- and medium-sized businesses on more than just networking; she really helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses. She improves company culture, marketing, and supports the design of efficient processes.

Brielle Cotterman


The Power of Story:  Brielle is a publicity expert and celebrity maker who works with businesses to help showcase their stories in order to grow. This interactive workshop will challenge our audience to think of story in a new way as we walk through how I built TN Women Connect, what prompted me to start it, and my backstory.

Tell us about Success Stories.

We have four amazing panelists who will share their stories of incredible success - sometimes against all odds: Raven Hernandez, CEO, EARTH RIDES; Jamie Heard, co-founder and executive director, Faithfully Restored; Shani Dowell, CEO, Possip; and Heather Locke, CEO, Hammersmith Support. This panel will be live at the conference and available later on as a podcast episode.

This year’s event offers tips for women who are seeking to create curated connections, network with like-minded women and walk away with actionable steps to take their business to the next level.