A Dream Space Come True

Midwest Pro creates Spanish-inspired outdoor living space for any month of the year

Imagine a cozy, outdoor space designed to be warm in the winter, cool in the summer and fit for entertaining year round. That was the task handed to Ian Rodriguez of Midwest Pro Handyman and Remodeling by clients moving from Colorado to a home in Lee's Summit, Missouri. In love with the great outdoors, the homeowners wanted to face east every morning for a beautiful sunrise. 

"I remember the clients didn't want an enclosed [space], but cozy enough to feel like a continuation of their living space," Rodriguez said. 

The first steps of the project were to take apart the original deck and add beams, framing and tile roofing. From there, the groundwork was laid with tile floors, stones and stucco on the remaining walls. This set the stage for the creative features that brought this design to life.

Spanish-Inspired Archways 

Rodriguez's idea to help blend the outdoor space with the rest of the Seville-style home was to create two arches facing the sunrise. During the winter, the homeowners cover the openings to keep warmth in the area. 

Stone Fireplace

Deciding to stone the entire wall and fireplace added an extra element of cozy comfort. "I like how it didn't feel like another sunroom or patio," Rodriguez said. "It felt like an outdoor living space." 

Custom French Doors

The right door is decorative, and the left is fully functional. Thanks to the incredible craftsmanship, telling the difference between the two is next to impossible. 

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