A Curated Home

A Small Home Receives A Grand Style Makeover

Not many of us would look forward to packing up and moving every three or four years. These two intrepid homeowners have done that and found it fun and exciting. But after several moves in 22 years, they are staying in their 93-year-old Kirkwood cottage and have no desire to move. This charming but problematic house has become their lovely home. The homeowner has filled the rooms with a curated collection of art, books, heirlooms, and resale treasures. The kitchen has been the only construction project. Without adding an inch to the small space, the kitchen features two beautiful gold chandeliers, a colorful wall covering, and modern and functional kitchen storage with no island in sight. The floor plan of the house is original and still suits the purpose of gathering for dinner parties and holidays. Their homeowners’ landscaping added the finishing touch to creating a storybook home. This remarkable home is little and lovely and perfectly styled.

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