It's Not Vanity—It's Confidence

Learning more about the aesthetics industry from the professionals at Expressions MD.

If you could have a machine perform the equivalent of 20,000 crunches for you in just 30 minutes, would you?

The debate between vanity and confidence, exploitation and empowerment, is longstanding in the aesthetics industry. Love it or hate it, aesthetics is a popular field with a growing public intrigue. I sat down with Dr. Detlefsen, Lynn Broll, and Kathy Tolley of Expressions MD to learn more about the aesthetics industry from the insider perspective of the professionals who perform the treatments.

What is Expressions MD?

Expressions MD is a medical spa, which is a hybrid between a day spa and a medical clinic. They offer many skincare treatments such as Botox to reduce lines and wrinkles, the Forever Young BBL to reduce the appearance of aging skin, MOXI laser treatments to brighten and refresh skin, Diamond Glow Facials to improve dryness and radiance, and CoolTone treatments to tone muscles and reduce fat, among other procedures.

"Aesthetics can be very complicated and confusing to people. There's so many products, procedures, and approaches to how people can love the way they look and love the way their skin feels," says Dr. Detlefsen. "Our goal is to take all of that technology, vet it out, check it out, and find procedures and approaches to aesthetics that are safe, that are effective, that give value, and that can be delivered within a trusted environment."

What is involved in a treatment or procedure?

Although some procedures are time-intensive, "We can do things that are user-friendly, that don't interrupt people's daily lifestyles, and that they don't need to worry about," says Dr. Detlefsen. Treatment recommendations and consultations, which are free of charge and customized to each client, can consider activity level as a factor.

"It's really great to offer something that will fit into people's busy lives and lifestyles," says Dr. Detlefsen.

Specific treatments have specific results and, if you're new to aesthetics, specific terminology. In the aesthetics industry, prevention is a term used to describe procedures that avoid the deterioration or worsening of the skin. Maintenance describes procedures that keep the skin in its current form. Correction is the word for treatments that undo imperfections in the skin.

What are the benefits of aesthetics?

Aside from the preplanned physical changes, like reducing the appearance of redness or wrinkles, there can be other physical and even mental impacts associated with getting an aesthetic treatment. Lynn Broll, who runs the CoolTone machine (the one that can do the equivalent of 20,000 crunches for you in only 30 minutes) says that core strengthening isn't just to define abs. It can also be used to build muscle to improve movement. 

Additionally, a change in appearance can come with a boost in positive attitude and an increase in confidence. As Dr. Detlefsen points out, "You look in the mirror and see that more confident you."

What is the vision behind Expressions MD?

"We want to be a very personable place that people can be comfortable in," says Dr. Detlefsen. "We want everyone to feel that they're getting trusted advice so that we can help them make decisions as to what they're getting out of their aesthetic journey. We want to bring the quality approaches of medicine to the aesthetics field."

Dr. Detlefsen, who worked as a primary care physician for 25 years before moving to the aesthetics industry, was fed up with the lack of importance of a personal touch that he found while working in traditional medicine. He wanted to be able to make and foster real connections with his clients. Aesthetics gave him that opportunity.

Dr. Detlefsen's ability to build trust with his clients is not only necessary for business but also a point of pride. "Trust is really important to us," says Dr. Detlefsen. "We want people to feel comfortable with the choices that they make. Trust is earned."

"It's a very personal thing with people. You're seeing parts of them that they don't show anyone else," says Lynn. "To be able to build that relationship, build that trust, find out what their goals are, and walk them through those goals is part of that vision."

What skincare advice can you give?

"The only way to have reliable sun protection is to have a veil of clothing on or a veil of physical barrier sunscreen, meaning one with zinc and titanium. Physical sunscreen is the number one thing that everyone can do to get their journey to healthy skin started. It's really fun when the easy things get the best results," says Dr. Detlefsen.

"Sun protection is the biggest. Correct sun protection," agrees Kathy Tolley.

Whether you choose aesthetics, sunscreen, both, or neither, the ability to feel great in your skin should not be taken for granted. Enjoy and appreciate yourself.

"It's not vanity," says Dr. Detlefsen. "It's amazing."

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