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A Family Affair

The Blacks Hit The Road Again For The Mostly Hits and the Mrs. Tour

Article by Maria Dinoia

Photography by Russ Harrington

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

After a wildly successful 2021-22 "Mostly Hits And The Mrs. Tour," Clint Black and his family are getting back on the tour bus for round two of "Mostly Hits And The Mrs." The first tour, loaded with audience adoration, resulted in a widely-watched PBS special that offered snippets of life on the road and performances with his family. Obviously, the success of that tour launched version two, set to begin in Burnesville, Minnesota on November 17th and end in Pensacola, Florida on February 5, 2023. 

What's life like on the road for the Black family? Clint says, "I’d keep busy by getting ready for the show, warming up the vocal cords. But on the days off when I was stuck out on the road, that’s when I'd have time to get homesick. But with them out there on the road with me, I never get homesick." He jokingly adds, "The downside was I had to go to Target practically everyday for something we always needed."

The "them" Clint refers to are his wife and actress Lisa Hartman Black and 21-year-old daughter Lily Pearl. Lisa tells Franklin Lifestyle, "There are so many moments  - where I’m sitting with my husband and my daughter and we’re comparing stories - like maybe a mic went out or somebody in the audience did something funny - there’s always so much to talk about and the fact that the three of us are talking about these things and touring together, it’s just wonderful. We’re making so many memories and Lily and I both get a little giddy."

Clint continues, "On show days, we’re in a pretty tight routine. But we love being with each other. We laugh at ourselves. And we’re so lucky Lily wants to be a part of this and wants to be around us."

Both Clint and Lisa have had wonderfully long and storied careers. Clint's been putting out music since 1989 (think his triple platinum debut album, "Killin' Time") and Lisa began acting (and even singing) in the early 80s (think iconic TV show "Knots Landing"). They both look back fondly. Clint reveals, "I remember Lionel Richie telling me once how quickly you move through those moments and there’s barely time to enjoy them. He said don’t waste your great moments and move through them more slowly." Lisa adds, "I think back on the people we were lucky enough to work with. I remember meeting Tony Orlando. Those are moments you could never plan or never see coming." 

And while the Black family continues to have more special moments out on tour, Clint has taken on other projects that were born during the downtime of the pandemic. Clint hosts and co-produces a TV show, "Talking in Circles with Clint Black," a behind-the-scenes conversation with two entertainers talking 'shop.' The series just completed a successful second season on Circle TV. Clint says, "I like to make people laugh and the network encourages me to go out into the weeds. The idea is that people would like to hear what industry people talk about. It’s a backstage conversation. I say to people who come on, 'I’m gonna say stupid things, so get ready.' And we have fun with the audience there too." Former guests include Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, Dennis Quaid, Luke Combs, and even his own wife, Lisa Hartman Black. Clint adds, "There are so many people we want to have on the show." "Talking Circles" began its third season last month and airs Saturday nights at 10:00 pm ET after Opry Live. 

The other project born from the lockdown was coffee. How does a country music superstar get into coffee? Clint responds, "How did coffee get into me?" He continues, "I’ve always been a coffee lover. Everyone has a different way they like their coffee. I like a strong coffee but I don’t like a bitter coffee. A friend of mine likes the strongest, most bitter coffee you can find. We found a roaster down in Texas - a small mom and pop shop - who would roast it for me the same way every time. I went through a bunch of coffees with them. I love sharing that coffee with people. I always have. It’s fresh - doesn’t sit around. We roast it as we go." 

A TV show, a coffee line, a new album (his 12th studio album, Out of Sane) all born from the lockdown, and now a new tour. Clint says, "I need to be busy and productive and doing something." Lisa adds, "He has such a gift. He's curious about everything. And he just does it. Like writing -  he wrote "A Bad Goodbye" in 15 minutes while we were sitting on the bed watching TV. It just comes naturally."