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A Family Affair

Pet Supplies Plus Memorial offers a carefully curated selection of products and services for its customers.

Matt Barrett and his brother Brian had always shared a lifelong dream of starting a business together. After much exploration, they found their calling in the pet supply industry, blending their passion for entrepreneurship with their love for pets. In an open and candid conversation, Matt sheds light on their motivations, the pet supply industry, and future plans.

The Barrett brothers opened the Pet Supplies Plus Memorial location in 2020. They chose the pet supplies industry because of its remarkable growth potential and resilience, even in the face of uncertain times. However, what truly captivated him was the unique culture surrounding pet ownership. The unwavering joy and care people have for their furry companions resonated deeply with Brian and his brother. With this inspiration in mind, they set out to create a work environment that is fun and supportive and treats employees as valued team members, customers as neighbors, and managers as leaders. Their commitment extends far beyond the walls of their stores, as they actively engage in community initiatives and lend their support to local programs, rescues, and adoption events.

Running a family business brings rewards, and Brian is proud to build something meaningful alongside his brother. It has become a legacy that their families and children can be proud of. With shared goals and a unified vision, their strong foundation allows them to positively impact their community. While acknowledging that differing opinions may arise, they remain focused on their common objective—the business's success. They have fostered a family-like atmosphere that extends into their respective roles and provides unwavering support to their dedicated teams.

When discussing the future, Brian emphasizes their intention to concentrate on their existing stores and refine their operations. Their growth trajectory has been steady, and they have decided to break from opening new stores in the upcoming year. Instead, they are eager to enhance the customer experience and create exceptional shopping environments. While they have no plans to venture into other franchises, they remain open to opportunities that align with their aspirations, always ready to embrace new possibilities.

Redford Naturals Pet Food 

Redford Naturals is a Pet Supplies Plus exclusive brand with high-quality food at a lower price than its major competitors. The store offers various flavors and formulas, has excellent quality control with only one manufacturing point, and is made in the USA. The food is guaranteed, so if your dog doesn't like it, bring it back free of charge and exchange it for something else. 

Self Service Dog Washing Stations

Pet Supplies Plus Memorial has clean and tiled separate dog-washing bays. The store provides soap, shampoo, conditioner, water, a dryer, and towels; best of all, they clean up afterward.

Fromm Family Foods

Fromm Family Foods is a popular food brand and family-run business. They will only work with certain locally owned retailers – they are very particular about who is allowed to sell their food. 

Pet Treats Bakery 

Pet Supplies Plus offers a wide variety of fresh baked cookies and other baked goods for pets. They are decorative and festive for each season and carry unique selections for birthdays.