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A Family Approach

Father and Son: Andy and Ryan Roy of 3R Insurance

Article by Lila Ruppe

Photography by Rachel Audette, The Turquoise Camera

Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

“What’s it like working with family?” I asked Andy and Ryan Roy, Westminster’s father-and-son insurance duo. They simultaneously burst into laughter. It’s a unique working situation at 3R Insurance Agency, but in the end, it brings them together.

All laughs aside, working closely with each other has grown their relationship. “I think we think a lot alike. I think we have the same goals in mind and we talk through things,” Andy says. They agree that it has matured their relationship. “I think we see each other more as equals now,” Ryan notes. Ryan’s sister is also involved with the family business, working as an account manager. Andy’s wife helps out the agency part-time.

Prior to starting 3R Insurance Agency, Andy grew up in construction and worked for a decade in trucking. Now, 3R Insurance is a thriving agency supporting the Colorado community. Ryan first got involved with the family business in 2002 before coming on full-time in 2017.

To 3R Insurance, business is personal, and not only because they are family. Insurance is their way of protecting the community. Unexpected disasters, from car accidents to house fires, can happen to all of us. The agency values knowing that their clients have security and peace of mind in case of an unforeseen event. Having proper coverage ensures that your property can be restored in case of loss. In fact, making that happen is what Ryan considers to be the most rewarding part of the business.

Back in 2021, the Marshall fire swept through Colorado causing astonishing destruction. In less than a day, nearly a thousand homes were engulfed in flames. Many people were unprepared to handle the sudden damage. Up to 80% of those affected were underinsured, according to Andy. Experiencing a natural disaster is distressing enough, and handling the aftermath while uninsured is all the more difficult. 3R Insurance wants to ensure that nobody is put in that position.

Last July, insurance became even more personal to the Roy family. “We are right in the midst right now of building our own home. We had a fire last July, and we are rebuilding our house. Fortunately, we have the proper insurance, but it has opened our eyes up even more to what the cost of rebuilding really is and the struggle it is for the insured on the claims side,” Andy said. He gained an even deeper understanding of just how important insurance is to the community.

The agency specializes in a comprehensive array of insurance solutions including both personal and business insurance. On the personal side, they offer home insurance, auto insurance, watercraft insurance, and far more. Their business insurance options are equally vast, with business owners’ insurance and cyber liability policies. They provide protection for people's most important assets. Despite being located in Westminster, 3R Insurance is also licensed to write insurance in Arizona and Wyoming.

When working with new clients, the agency takes a distinctly individualized approach. It all starts with thoroughly evaluating their current coverage to discover how 3R Insurance can help them best. Andy and Ryan use their industry expertise to put the perfect package together for every client. Coming up with an accurate replacement cost for clients is paramount. The replacement cost is the price of replacing an asset at the present time, and it varies based on the qualities of that asset. Furnishings, finishes in bathrooms and kitchens, and more are all taken into account. Factors like having a smaller home or a home with no basement could potentially lower the replacement cost.

Frequently, putting together the perfect insurance package means being flexible and working with that client’s personal needs and expectations. If a client has a smaller budget, Andy says, “We try to find some discounts or savings while making sure they still have the right coverages.” However, they also prioritize being upfront and honest when there is no room for 3R Insurance to offer better coverage or more support. If your current coverage is already great, they will be sure to let you know. Decisions are always made in the clients' best interest.

As an independent agency, they can offer a wide array of insurance options to customers. Andy got started on the independent insurance side in 2008 and realized how many possibilities it opened up in relation to the products he could offer to clients. “We tell people to let us do the shopping for you because, instead of the client going around and making five different phone calls, I can jump on my computer and get eight to ten quotes in a short time,” he explains. 

3R Insurance Agency’s motto, “Right Coverage / Right Value / Right Agent,” is clear in every aspect of the business. Through quality service and a genuine commitment to care, the agency has built a relationship of trust within the community. Working at a family-run business, Andy and Ryan add a uniquely personal touch to their work. If you’re in need of insurance or want to discover how 3R can boost your current coverage, give them a call at (303) 421-5123 or check out their website at

"We had a fire last has opened our eyes up even more to what the cost of rebuilding really is and the struggle it is for the insured on the claims side." --Andy Roy