Deep Roots and a Family Labor of Love

Colt and Kassie Collier Continue the Legacy of Gallatin Dream Living

After years of renovating and building homes for others, Colt and Kassie Collier were ready to put down roots too by building their own dream home. Colt, a multigenerational Gallatin native, always knew he eventually wanted to settle on the same family farmland where his great-great-grandfather’s home once stood. His grandfather’s original Gallatin home, affectionately referred to as “Pop’s Place,” was built in the 1900s and Colt has many fond childhood memories of time spent at the home. When the Colliers were designing their dream home, they drew inspiration from that same beloved home.

Having outdoor space to roam was the most important aspect in their design. The Colliers have five children and the family cherishes the outdoors; room to run, ride bikes, drive go-carts and build forts was indeed a priority. With this in mind, they thoughtfully designed the perfect entertaining space—an aspect of the home building process that is often overlooked. Inside the home, life revolves around the kitchen. Their home features a large, custom, kitchen island that brings the family together and acts as the central meeting place where daily life happens.

Separately from their own home build, Colt and Kassie are in their third year of continuing to grow Colt Collier Construction. They work as a team, specializing in new custom builds and renovations of existing homes. By combining their gifts, they are able to deliver dream homes in an individualized way.  Colt is the face of the business and enjoys using his gifts of improving and perfecting any build or project he undertakes. During the home design process, he loves offering suggestions and considerations that his clients may not have yet considered and this is one of the most rewarding parts for him. Colt humanizes the build process and his down to earth confidence is what bridges the gap that typically exists between builder and owner. Having a keen eye for the details and creating solutions throughout both the design and the construction process, he works to implement creative ideas for the homeowner. During a recent renovation, a client wanted to include accents of walnut throughout the kitchen. Colt, having milled several walnut trees when clearing the land for their own home, was able to use that same wood to create open kitchen shelving and a stunning fireplace mantle for the client! The repurposed materials brought personalization to the design and a story to be shared with the next generation and beyond.

Kassie supports CCC by functioning as the Operations Manager as well as a local Realtor. In her role as a behind the scenes planner and developer, she is the conductor of most projects. She meticulously juggles calendars, vendors, clients and all the moving pieces!  Using her own gifts to optimize the internal functions of the business, she creates ideas to enhance the client experience. Being able to work so closely with Colt when a client has a specific question, she continues to be integral in the client/builder relationship. Kassie initially obtained her real estate license to help Colt with builds and renovations, but she continues to find joy through working with local families in selling homes, as well.  Her construction and renovation knowledge benefits her real estate clients, as she is able to offer first hand advice on costs, value, risks and a different way of looking at the typical real estate transaction.

Colt and Kassie continue to leave their mark on Gallatin and the surrounding areas. Their roots have always had a strong presence in our community and as they grow personally and professionally in the services and knowledge they provide, their influence will continue to have a lasting (and beautiful) effect on Gallatin!

"The family cherishes the outdoors; room to run, ride bikes, drive go-carts and build forts was indeed a priority."

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