A family tradition of personal jewelry

Founded in 1948 Baribault Jewelers Continues to Change and Improve With The Times

Article by Eileen M. McNamara

Photography by Vivien Stembridge and Brian Ambrose

Originally published in Glastonbury Lifestyle

For the Baribault family, jewelry is personal and each piece they create or sell tells its own story. 

That unique focus extends from the concept for every new piece of jewelry Baribault’s highly trained staff creates all the way to how their Rankin Road store was recently renovated. 

“We like to be innovative and modern, so when we did the remodel and renovation we did it in a more natural and modern way so we could be alongside our customers and guide them through the process, as opposed to the customer being on the opposite side of a glass case,” says Raeann Baribault Schwartz. “We designed our store with a modern flare so that our showcases are 360 degrees, no other jewelry store has been designed like that,” says Christina Baribault-Ortiz

Founded in 1948, Baribualt’s today is still family-owned and operated by siblings Lewis Baribault III, Raeann Baribault Schwartz, Christina Baribault-Ortiz and their parents, Lew Baribault Jr., and Cathy Baribault;  

While Baribault Jewelers specializes in diamonds and diamond engagement rings - with more than 500 styles currently in stock - Christina and Raeann say Baribault’s also creates and sells many other types of jewelry and has a host of new and exciting services and design options they’ve launched recently. 

One of those is the Power To B line of custom designed bracelets that Christina and Raeann created. The jewelry collection includes positive affirmation Power words significant to each customer and their life’s journey. The collection was the outgrowth of Raeann and Christina’s own fertility challenges. 

“This brand, which began with empowering sticky notes covering our mirrors and words of affirmation saved to our iPhone background, has allowed us to spread the gift of reminder theory and empower women. Each reminder in our collection has its own story, and has helped to uplift us and others in some way.”

The Power To B line was featured at an Academy Awards pre-Oscars party this year where Christina and Raeann met with and gifted 100 of the bracelets to celebrities who attended.  

Another new innovation at the store, the sisters said, is the Permanent Jewelry Bar that launched in August named "B Linked". 

The latest trend, permanent jewelry is custom fit to your wrist with no clasp and welded shut so it stays on as long as you want. The bracelets are 14k gold and designed to be so light and dainty you can barely feel them. They make perfect friendship bracelets, bridesmaids gifts, sister-sister or mother-daughter bracelets. 

“You can come in with your significant other, your bestie or family members and you can have this experience where you get this piece of jewelry that is welded and stays on all the time and it links you to yourself or the person you’re doing this alongside,” Raeann says. 

You can make an appointment for the Permanent Jewelry Bar at baribaultjewelers.com/permanent-jewelry.

The redesigned store also now includes a jewelry transformation section where customers can bring in a piece of jewelry they want to update. 

“It’s called B Transformed,” Christina says. “A lot of people have jewelry that they’re not wearing anymore and our designers can find out why and then take their precious gemstones or metal and redesign them into something that they love and will wear again. They can walk out with something that’s meaningful and totally recreated just for them and their own style.”

Baribault Jewelers

81 Rankin Road, Glastonbury 



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