A Fashion Reset

As Coco Chanel once famously said, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” Since the beginning of time, fashion trends have been tossed to the wayside, forgotten, deemed unforgivable, only to be dusted off, appreciated, and revered by those who look upon with fresh eyes.

These days, those fresh eyes travel to Reset KC, a Buy, Sell, Trade store that specializes in vintage clothing from the ‘80s and ‘90s as well as modern streetwear and sneakers.

Want to parlay your attic full of sweet threads into cold hard cash? Looking for some unique vintage Chiefs gear to roll into Arrowhead with? Idolize MJ and the Bulls dynasty? Or do you absolutely need those new Jordan 1’s or Travis Scott’s that sold out online in a blink? No matter your vintage, streetwear or sneaker need, Reset KC has you covered.

Its bright, Chiefs red façade leads to a modest, well organized space. Racks of vintage tees and jackets to the left, parsed by color and topic. Tiered shelves of sneakers and high-end Streetwear, like offerings from Supreme and Kith, to the right.

“Rebels, Harleys, Levi’s” were the totems of Americana that originally drove the love of vintage for co-owner Youssef Amine. Amine met his wife, Ashley, on MySpace during its last gasp of social network fame and soon after left his life in Casablanca, Morocco to join her in Kansas City. Not long after, Reset KC was born.

And unlike similar stores located among the towering skyscrapers and lofty markups of NYC or LA, the prices at Reset KC are as approachable as a Midwestern smile. Amine notes that while the bottom line is of course always in view, at the end of the day, “happiness is the goal,” for himself and his customers. And while Kansas City may not have a national reputation for diverse cultural offerings, locals know how much this city brings to the table. As Amine notes, KC has “the sauce.”

To further prove that point, just look to the many high-profile customers who have made their way into Reset KC recently, including Chiefs tight end and fashion maven, Travis Kelce as well as popular Washington D.C. rapper, Wale. For a business whose marketing engine is driven by Instagram and word of mouth, that type of grassroots celebrity endorsement goes a long way. “Look, if these guys took the time to come to the store, that means we’ve got some great stuff. It only makes sense to share that on Instagram,” Amine points out.

And it’s obviously working. Just a few minutes after opening for the day, Reset KC was already crawling with youthful customers poring over the ever-growing sneaker wall and rifling through a rack of vintage Ralph Lauren.

The fact that these young nieces, nephews and children now actively seek out the same T-shirts, jeans, jackets and shoes worn by their uncles, aunts and parents is a circle of life that nature surely can appreciate. “Growing up,” Youssef notes, “we as kids identify with certain aspects of pop culture, and it’s only natural to want a piece of that later in life. That’s what Reset is all about.”

So, whether you are looking to relive your glory days or just emulate them, find your way over to Westport and up your fashion game with Reset KC.

Reset KC is located on 8 Westport Road, KCMO.

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