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Hannah and Bill Breen

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A Game Plan For Retirement

LiveWell By Blakeford Offers Calming Yet Exciting Senior Living Solutions

When Nashville spouses Hannah Paramore Breen and Bill Breen reached their mid-50s, they decided to remake their lives and priorities. "We already had purchased traditional long-term care insurance because we didn't want to put any burdens on our children," Hannah shares. 

However, when they learned about the Nashville-based amenities offered through LiveWell By Blakeford and the organization's lifetime memberships for older adults who want to live independently at home as long as possible, she says they bought into the security of knowing they could have personal support and an advocate to coordinate their care. 

She says she appreciated the positive vibe of the LiveWell program, which left her knowing she wouldn't be alone in facing life's curveballs. 

LiveWell's care coordinators support members, and take a pre-emptive approach toward healthy aging through home safety assessments, nutritional counseling, fitness programming and patient advocacy. Essentially, the program incorporates a myriad of wellness initiatives and holistic approaches to aging while offering a lifelong guarantee of care.

In dealing with her mother's Alzheimer's-related care needs, Hannah says she already knew the value of having a solid financial plan. "But even with my mother's long-term insurance being in place, it took months to activate it. My sister and I had to tag-team the process because it involves coordinating assessments from doctors, neurologists and cardiologists, plus someone reviewing health records and medications, along with our mother going through home assessments more than once. And then, the people we were dealing with claimed some records got lost, and we essentially got delayed again. I felt like we were often at a disadvantage."

She says she ended up moving her mother's living location three times in a year and a half. 

"With the LiveWell program, we have one trusted person to coordinate our needs and we won't have to suffer through a 50-day wait policy or lose any health benefits," Hannah says. 

She says she and Bill like the idea of having a familiar location as an alternative in case their needs change, which will allow them to work with people with whom they already have relationships. "We're focused on fitness and healthy diets, and work out first thing right after breakfast. So, while we have no current interest in going into a facility, fear of unknown things that might happen can discourage people from planning. Now, we feel more in control of our lives and can enter our next stage of living in a different, reassuring frame of mind."

Blakeford's solutions help senior citizens plan for "flexibility and individual assistance, not cookie-cutter conditions," Hannah says. 

"Discussing these age-related matters can be extremely emotional and hard, to the point that people avoid this type of planning. But, my personal experience is that it's best to identify and take care of options before decisions are imminent," she adds. "And now we won't have to deal with strangers on the phone if we need medical or daily living assistance." 

In the event a member requires nursing or assisted living care, a LiveWell membership not only ensures priority access to that level of care but also covers it financially, protecting members against potential care costs that could surpass $100,000 per person per year on average. The program incorporates wellness initiatives and holistic approaches to aging while offering lifelong guarantees of care. 

While LiveWell members live at home, they have access to Blakeford’s Green Hills campus. During 2023, a fully renovated, on-campus Wellness Center will reopen, including a new indoor pool, fitness gym, salon, dining room, art studio and event space.


Retirement Planning

Aging In Place Benefits: 

LiveWell combines long-term care insurance, private home care and retirement community living into an innovative package. 

Peace Of Mind:

LiveWell gives members independence; reduces anxiety from managing home and health care alone.


LiveWell membership assures clients' non-medical health care costs are covered/contained, and aren't increased due to health status.

For Health/Wellness:

LiveWell members enjoy Blakeford at Green Hills, a 10-acre Continuing Care Retirement Community campus.

As active adults, Hannah and Bill Breen say they became Blakeford LiveWell members to secure all-encompassing support if and when they ever need it. As a former digital business owner, Hannah reminds us how essential it is to properly plan for life's stages. With Bill being a professional golfer and local instructor, the couple wanted the security of an active, organized retirement community, services and relationships.

  • Hannah and Bill Breen
  • Hannah and Bill Breen
  • Hannah and Bill Breen
  • Hannah and Bill Breen
  • Bill and Hannah Breen
  • Bill and Hannah Breen
  • Bill and Hannah Breen
  • Hannah Breen
  • Bill Breen
  • Bill and Hannah Breen