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Dr. Bora Kim's best prescription for children and their parents: Have Fun!

Article by Patti Gordon

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Research has demonstrated that children who have good oral health tend to have healthier eating habits, achieve higher academic performance, excel in school and develop greater levels of confidence for future endeavors. Setting early goals and good foundational habits are important in all aspects of life, but ensuring that early dental care as a bedrock that we can never begin with our children too early is paramount. While we know many parents and patients alike experience anxiety when visiting the dentist, here in Gallatin, Dr. Bora Kim has carved out a truly unique experience by making dental appointments enjoyable and stress free for both parents and children!

Settling in Gallatin for its proximity to Nashville, but still desiring the small-town warmth and charm that our area offers, Dr. Bora Kim opened Glowing Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in April 2023 with a welcoming space that offers personalized experiences and a carefully selected staff who genuinely enjoy working with the most important patients of all: our children. Dr. Kim received her Bachelor of Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology and later graduated from the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Dental Medicine. With her heart set on pediatric dentistry to ensure she could be as impactful to our youth as possible, she went on to complete her pediatric dental training at the University of Southern California. Dr. Kim is a diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry (ABPD) and has advanced training in tongue and lip-tie releases as well.

With Glowing Smiles here in Gallatin providing such amazing services to children and their parents, Dr. Kim is able to provide care for patients ranging from newborns to 25 years old. Nursing mothers who are having difficulty with their baby's latch, or parents of older children experiencing speech, eating, or orthodontic issues also find treatment and specialized programs at Glowing Smiles with Dr. Kim. Her office also specializes in frenectomy procedures and is able to utilize a state-of-the-art C02 laser that typically requires no anesthesia for many procedures in a less invasive (and less time-consuming) manner!

At Glowing Smiles, the waiting room shows off a fun activity table and an adorable picture wall that immediately sets the tone! While amazing care is always the mission, the “fun factor” of simply being inside Glowing Smiles is an experience in itself! In addition to all of the activities that help relax the patient and family, Dr. Kim has even installed a dental chair designed to resemble a Lamborghini, several ceiling-mounted TVs, a toy shelf for children to enjoy after their visit and you may even see their happiest, resident therapy dog named Leo wandering the hallways too! Leo adores being held and has a calming effect for anxious children (and parents!) who may be a bit apprehensive about dentist offices.

The dental experience at Glowing Smiles is specifically designed and equipped for younger children and has features such as x-ray machines that utilize the latest dental x-ray technology to ensure minimal exposure. Additionally, there are different sedation options that can be utilized when needed and Dr. Kim is one of the very few pediatric dentists that offers tooth-colored white crowns for children in our area.

Dr. Kim, with a soft tone and gentle touch, enhances the care experience by employing child-friendly language and refrains from using intimidating terms such as shots, drill and pain. In cases where a child feels anxious or frightened, the office offers various tools like fidget toys to alleviate their distress. For parents struggling with finding appropriate, specialized dental care for their children, in an office that is warm, welcoming and FUN, Dr. Bora Kim says a visit to the dentist doesn’t have to be intimidating. She also provides some great tips for in between visits as well:

Brushing your children’s teeth
Transform it into a game! By making it enjoyable, you will elicit a more positive response. Additionally, utilizing positive reinforcements and implementing a rewards system can be quite effective too!

Common habits that can harm a child’s oral health
Consuming gummy candies or vitamins can be detrimental to their small, developing teeth. Even dried fruits in sticky form can cause damage and diluted juices are also harsh on teeth. 

The difference between a pediatric dentist and a traditional dentist
There is limited exposure to young teeth in general dentistry during school. To qualify for pediatric dentistry, an additional two to three years of training is required to be prepared, qualified and certified to work with young children.

Check out Glowing Smiles Pediatric's social media pages to see behind-the-scenes fun the office has and utilize their website to schedule appointments or for additional dental FAQs and tips!

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