A Good Neighbor

State Farm Insurance Agent Ky Dickerson embodies the company’s iconic brand with excellence.

Not all insurance companies have a stellar customer service reputation, and the same is true for their agents, unless you are insurance agent Ky Dickerson. When you think about getting ahead or climbing the proverbial corporate ladder, you can’t anticipate all the twists and turns the journey could take. Ky Dickerson has weathered a number of storms, and yet still made her way from claims adjuster to running her own agency . . . all with the corporate giant, State Farm - the largest property and casualty insurance provider, and the largest auto insurance provider in the United States.

Ky has a bachelor’s degree in public relations and a master’s degree in mass communication. As destiny would have it, Ky applied for a job with State Farm just to help tackle student loans. She was hired within a few weeks as a fire claims adjuster in Bradenton, Florida, and to date, State Farm is the only company Ky has worked for long-term. From fire claims adjuster to insurance agent, and several supervisory and managerial positions in between, Ky Dickerson currently enjoys a tenure of 30 years; the same number of years she’s been married to her husband Ronald, whom she met in college at the University of Florida.

Before the birth of her two children, Maurya, now age 26, and Ronald Jr., now age 22, Ky did a little bit of everything while working in different insurance roles. Ky did storm duty in California, worked the 1994 Northridge earthquake as a catastrophe adjuster, and … wait for it … was a contestant on The Price is Right, with the only and only Bob Barker. Come on Down!

Ky loves what she does with State Farm. When life threw one of its curve balls at Ky, she was faced with challenges and complications with her pregnancies. State Farm was there through it all, understanding the last thing Ky needed was to worry about work. State Farm recognized the work ethic, drive, and expertise of one of their best employees, and walked alongside her every step of the way. Ky represents State Farm proudly. “We really work hard to do the right thing by the customer and the employees too. We go above and beyond. We rose to number one because we care about people and what happens to them.”

During a company reorganization, it was hard to get a transfer approved, but when Ky expressed a need to move closer to family, her request was honored and a place was found for her in the Atlanta area. Ky’s passion to help more people with varying insurance needs, and her desire for freedom and flexibility, was inspiration enough to pursue an agency. Several licenses, including a Series 6 and Series 65, prepared Ky to take over an agency currently located in Peachtree City.

As a supportive member of the community, Ky Dickerson Insurance Agency supports local schools and nonprofits by way of sponsorships. They volunteer and work hard at meeting customers where they are. "We do our best to serve clients with whatever they need."

Ky knows that what propelled State Farm to its current status in the marketplace is, “They really do care about people. In my line of work, I get to serve people.” She tells her team in the Peachtree City agency, "What we do, it matters. It changes lives. It’s not about making a sale. It’s about changing a life or touching a life.” Ky has created an agency culture that represents the company’s brand exceedingly well. “When something bad happens to someone, we get to help them put their life back together. We get to help them through that process.”

Ky is currently working on obtaining her investment license, yet another way she will distinguish herself and how she can offer expertise to her clients. “We really try to go above and beyond with service and also with my background and experience I bring to the table. I’m able to guide my customers in terms of the choices they make about insurance.”

Ky insists that, “Who you are insured with really matters. People tend to focus on price. Of course, people have budgets and that’s understandable. However, it comes down to so much more than price when in your time of need, your insurance company is there for you. I have seen, time and time again, regardless of the cost, people understand the value of being with State Farm.”

"Every year we call our customers and set up time to do policy reviews and make changes to keep things updated. It is my job to review your policies and let you know if you have gaps in coverage. Some people think life insurance is for the dead. It’s for the living. It allows you to go on after something terrible has happened. That said, life insurance for your child helps to guarantee their future insurability. You should insure them when they are born, before they are diagnosed with any conditions."

“I work really hard. I’ve had others help me. I pay it forward. In all my walks of life, I’ve had someone to take an interest in me, and made me feel that I could do it.” Ky loves doing the same for others, helping them to develop and grow. “I truly enjoy helping people and that includes my staff. I genuinely care about people and what happens to them.”

“When something bad happens to someone, we get to help them put their life back together. We get to help them through that process.”

"We rose to number one because we care about people and what happens to them.”

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