Closet Coup d'état

Early fall edits with stylists Amy Birdsong Golden, Cara Grinder and Kimberly Newsom

Fall 2022 priorities and trends that will be gone in a flash

Amy: You are always on trend if your clothes fit and are tailored to you. A big part of my service is taking clients for custom alterations. It should be gone in a flash if it doesn't work for your personal style. 

For ladies, I am inspired by menswear with feminine details, color play and interesting necklines. For men, a goal should be expanding those usual colors and patterns in your wardrobe and elevating basics. 

Cara: For early fall, wear a matching print or solids in both a top and skirt, especially when temps haven’t cooled down! Then pair with boots and an on-trend leather jacket or blazer for chilly fall mornings and nights.

Hemlines are shifting, so one fall trend that I would not invest in is the structured maxi skirt. Think full-length, five-pocket denim skirts. I find this trend tricky to wear and not particularly flattering. 

Kimberly: Layering transitional pieces carries us into fall. Beautiful, flowing kimonos are in style and ideal. Kimonos are transitional, staple pieces that every fashionista should have in her wardrobe. 

Skinny jeans on men are trending but will be a wrap soon. Few men have the body type for, or even want to wear, skintight pants and jeans.

Trends that merit our attention in shoes

Amy: For ladies, a platform loafer and a transitional boot. Platform loafers, even a mule or Mary Jane shape, go with jeans, skirts and dresses. Wear boots a bit above the ankle or mid-shin with short sets, midi skirts, dresses or under cropped pants while it’s still warm. For men, add a sneaker in an interesting color combo. Consider custom Nikes and Vans. 

Cara: Chunkier shoes are in vogue. I love the lug soles on this season’s boots. Platforms (of a reasonable height) in many different shoe styles from sneakers to preppy loafers are a nice way to balance out wider-leg pants and denim this season.

Kimberly: I love a “Blanche Deveraux” mule. Mules are wardrobe staples. They are versatile, and you can wear them all year if styled properly. I’m not a fan of a heel under four inches, but I've seen a few shorter-heeled cuties in stores.

Fresh colors and color combos this fall

Amy: Citrine, lilac, magenta, olive - with rust as an unexpected combo 

Cara: Shades of brown from Swiss coffee to rusty Sienna are returning to the fall scene. An all-neutral look is always classic, but don’t be afraid to add color, like a hot pink accessory, to your ensemble.

Kimberly: Cheerful yellows, lava reds, shades of plum, and neutral earth tones in beautiful greens, browns and oranges

Accessories that say, “It’s fall 2022!”

Amy: For everyday, a classic hoop in updated colors, textures and shapes. For an occasion, I am working on a statement piece for a client, a custom gold choker with semi-precious stones in colors that pop! Belts update voluminous pieces. Look for colors, wovens, buckles that wow, and studs. A new favorite is a bright eggplant leather, trimmed in silver – like jewelry for your waist. For men, colored skins and wovens. If you are wearing the same belt style since college – let’s update. 

Cara: Statement jewelry! Go big or go home will be my motto when purchasing fall jewelry—larger diameter hoops in mixed metals adorned with colorful gems and in interesting nontraditional shapes. Ornate necklaces in shorter lengths that graze the collar bone or are choker length can be a fun departure from the tried-and-true simple gold chain necklace.

Kimberly: Big, bold, gold statement earrings! To add to the earth tones we anticipate, I’m ready to accessorize clients’ looks with polished yet fun accessories such as bold, conversational bracelets, cuffs with funky designs and whimsical bangles.

To keep or not to keep in our wardrobes

Amy: Mothers, get rid of maternity clothes when you enter a different ‘season.’ Shoes – not
necessarily get RID – but REPAIR. Clean, shine and repair tips and heels. For men, your T-shirt collection in the hundreds. Pare it down.

Cara: Clothes should encourage confidence by flattering the figure and feeling good. No matter the season or trend, ill-fitting, uncomfortable or damaged clothes and accessories are unfashionable.

Kimberly: Part with pieces that no longer fit! Keep black blazers, a little black dress, at least three crispy white button-down shirts, and one has to be a custom shirt. I encourage everyone to invest in a custom garment made specifically for you.

If you would like to continue a conversation about your wardrobe with Amy, Cara or Kimberly, send a direct message on Instagram to Amy @birdsonggolden, Cara @stylespeakmemphis or Kimberly @k.newsomstyle. 

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