A Healer's Journey

Kristen Fewel and Full Circle Yoga & Healing Arts celebrate 10 years of helping others with yoga and healing.

     For Kristen Fewel, the practice of yoga is more than physical exercise. It is a journey toward the relief of pain and suffering while manifesting greater inner peace. A path that leads every individual, no matter their age, condition, or ability, to greater freedom and unconditional love on the physical, mental, and emotional levels. At Full Circle Yoga & Healing Arts, now celebrating its 10th year in Yorba Linda, Kristen makes the path of yoga, meditation, and energy healing accessible to everyone.

     Kristen began working in healing 25 years ago as a massage therapist specializing in pain management. Having no tools at the time to handle her own pain and anxiety, she found relief in yoga and reiki, which allowed her to heal her body and overcome emotional pain. Through The Healer’s Journey she has made yoga a way of life by becoming a Reiki Master, healer, registered yoga teacher, and authoring a book, The Gift of Awakening, available on Amazon and Audible. 

     A notable lack of holistic health services in north Orange County led Kristen and husband, Jeff, to open Full Circle Yoga & Healing Arts as a healing and practice center inspired by her initial experiences with Yoga. They provide a safe space where all can come “Full Circle” on their own spiritual path and receive guidance for their mind, body, and spirit. 

     Full Circle Yoga & Healing Arts is not a fitness studio; it is a haven for all to progress in their journey toward wholeness. Kristen specializes in a customized, breath-centered approach towards holistic healing, including yoga therapy for beginners, and individuals for whom safety and privacy are number one concerns. The center offers a variety of group and private classes online and in person in yoga, breathing, mindfulness, meditation, plant-based nutritional coaching, yoga teacher training, and reiki certification classes.  

Tip: Breathing slowly reduces nervous system activity so healing can occur. Both yoga and reiki are helpful for internal healing, relief of pain and anxiety, and a sense of wellbeing. 

Breathing for Health & Stress Reduction

     Here is a mindful breathing break to clear your mind and allow your body to enter a state of rest and healing. Allow yourself to sigh or yawn if you need to. If your mind wanders, just know that this is natural, and that your next breath is another opportunity to anchor you to the present moment. Try not to judge or criticize your mind for wandering. Take your time with it, but do your best to sit still for 10 cycles of breath. When your breathing feels smooth, begin to focus on your exhalations without force or strain. Allow the inhale to take care of itself -- sometimes it will feel good to fill up your lungs, other times it may feel right to breathe softly and gently. If it is difficult for you to exhale while sitting, try laying on your belly on the floor or bend forward from a sitting or standing position. When the 10 breaths are complete, take a refreshing full breath to reset. Sit quietly before resuming daily activities. If anxiety increases during stillness, try an activity first that expends that energy such as yoga, moderate exercise, or dance before you sit down to breathe. Now close your eyes and feel for yourself how breathing mindfully can bring clarity and peace of mind. 

        When it's time for you to come full circle in your healing journey, call to schedule an online or in-person healing session in yoga, meditation, or energy management, visit my website, or follow me on Facebook and Instagram. | 714-404-2576

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