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A Healing Touch

A familiar face continues to shine in Greater Nashville Health Institute

Article by Jessica Cheek

Photography by Payton Wright Photography

Originally published in Gallatin Lifestyle

Dr. Jennie Lumpkins (known previously to her patients as Dr. A, or Dr. Alexander–from her maiden name), has experienced the many ebbs of flows of life here in Gallatin. Like so many of our locals, Dr. Lumpkins was raised in the Gallatin area, left to pursue her educational and professional path, and returned home to root and immerse herself back in the community in which she was raised and loves. 

Alexander is one of those well-known names in Gallatin. For over a century, her family has owned and operated funeral homes in our area, spanning five generations. Naturally, after college, she worked in the family business at Alexander Funeral Home, as well. During those five years in the funeral industry, she went through some trying times of her own as she herself experienced the loss of an aunt, her own father and her grandmother in a short span and quickly realized she did not want to spend her life, “holding families together,” during traumatic times, as she reminisces. While reflecting upon the aftermath of her father’s stroke, Dr. Lumpkins recalls the countless medications he was prescribed. She watched as his health continued to deteriorate, furthering her resolve to find a way to help people feel better without the constant barrage of medications. She was resolute in finding a way to help people participate in the joyful moments in life and not solely focus on chronic illnesses with traditional management. These realizations led her to ultimately pursue a chiropractic degree at Life University where she graduated Cum Laude in 2018.

After working briefly in Alabama, Dr. Lumpkins returned to Gallatin and knew her pathway forward. She made the leap that not many healthcare professionals are able to take: she opened her own practice. With that leap of faith, Greater Nashville Health Institute was born. At GNHI, Dr. Lumpkins offers a refreshingly old-school, holistic approach to healthcare. Located in downtown Gallatin at 425 E. Main Street, GNHI opened its doors just over a year ago and already Dr. Lumpkins has seen so many health and healing stories that truly have helped the greater population live healthier lives.

True chiropractic care aims to allow the body to start a healing process on its own. Chiropractic medicine is one of the oldest modalities used and Dr. Lumpkins works with everyone from newborns, to pregnant mamas, young children, teenagers, adults and seniors. Sometimes one treatment is sufficient while others require an ongoing plan of action, each patient having a treatment path tailored to him/her. 

One of Dr. Lumpkins’ favorite things about chiropractic care takes her back to her first job when she was just sixteen. It was then that she spent a summer working for a local chiropractor’s office where she began to notice little things like ice being used to alleviate headaches and chiropractic adjustments providing immediate relief of back aches and other common pains without traditional medications. Dr. Lumpkins became fascinated with the holistic approach to healthcare and the level of attention to each patient that was provided. Although it wasn’t until years later that she decided to pursue chiropractic medicine, those early Gallatin memories shaped her both personally and professionally.

Dr. Lumpkins prides herself on offering her time with an empathetic understanding to her patients at GNHI. Creating a laid-back setting and approachable attitude, she truly enjoys spending time with her patients while learning to read their bodies, being able to deliver the best adjustment possible for a particular composition and need. The greatest feedback she receives from patients is when they tell her she just feels “like family.” Combining that with seeing patient progress and health victories achieved with each person she contacts, Dr. Lumpkins truly can see the difference being made and such a need that she is able to meet for the public.

In addition to chiropractic care at GNHI, Dr. Lumpkins now offers one of the best neuropathy programs for reversing or alleviating symptoms of neuropathy without medication. This program boasts a 94% success rate across the country and is another example of seeing a need and growing her professional capabilities to meet that community challenge head-on. She is also finishing up her Webster Certification–an amazing technique for helping mothers balance their pelvis, sacrum, muscles and ligaments for childbirth! The Webster Technique can even be used to gently adjust mothers with breech babies so that the babies have the freedom to move from breech to head-down position. 

In her time away from the office, Dr. Lumpkins enjoys traveling with her husband, Michael. She is a huge fan of tackling home improvement projects, loves exercising and enjoys keeping her hands nimble by crocheting blankets and stuffed animals., @greaternashvillehealth