A Healthy Summer Glow

Sunsations helps customers fight aging and radiate beauty

Customers tell owner Kelly Robbins that her business, Sunsations, is the friendliest and most affordable tanning salon in town. But her mission goes far beyond giving her clients’ skin a healthy glow.

“We offer an array of services to help you radiate a more relaxed, confident, beautiful, and youthful you,” she says. “I hire for friendliness. I can train everything else, but I can’t train attitude.”

Along with tanning beds and spray tans, Sunsations now provides Poly red-light therapy. Suitable for all skin types, red-light boosts circulation, bringing more blood and nutrients to the treatment area. It also stimulates the production of collagen (which plumps the skin) and elastin (which firms the skin). It also energizes and repairs damaged cells, giving skin a youthful look without emitting UV rays. It doesn’t tan the skin.

People using red-light therapy have to be patient. It’s not a quick fix. The treatment gradually repairs the skin over time. To see benefits, clients must commit to 15 to 20 minutes, at least three times per week, for the first 1 to 4 weeks. The best results happen in 8 to 12 weeks, depending on the skin type.

“This does help with anti-aging,” Robbins says. She shares her experience with a dark spot on her face that wasn’t responding to topical treatments. In fact, it was getting worse. “My personal testimonial is I had a really bad dark spot, and after using red-light therapy, it’s gone.”

Robbins likes to pair the Poly red-light treatment, which focuses on the face, with the Infrared Cocoon Wellness Pod for the whole body. It provides dry heat, like an infrared sauna, and an invigorating massage. Combined with the red-light treatment, clients can fight wrinkles and aging while also relaxing.

“This can help us at least fight so many of the superficial signs of aging, and it really helps you feel better,” Robbins says. “I’ve had a lot of people use the sauna with the red-light therapy and sleep better at night just because they got to relax just a little bit during the day.”

Of course, Sunsations offers a tanning tower and multiple tanning beds so customers can transition from winter-white skin to a summertime glow. Before starting, each person completes a questionnaire to determine their Smart Tan skin type. This method sets time limits for each tanning session to prevent burning, which damages the skin.

Robbins says, with a smile, “Two of my favorite customers are a couple who came in because of COVID. They took to heart the advice from the doctors to get outside, get some sunshine and vitamin D, and exercise. Then winter hit. They missed the sunshine and wondered if tanning felt the same. So, they started coming in and discovered it does feel the same.”

The salon’s newest tanning bed is the Luxe-KBL Hybridsun. It features red and UV light, Mediterranean sounds, aroma therapy, and a cooling mist. For fans of tanning towers, there is the KBL Tower HybridSun. It combines UVA and UVB light for pigment darkening and development. Plus, there is a vibration plate in the base for those who want an invigorating workout while tanning.

Need a quick tan? Sunsations has a staff of expert spray tan artists. Robbins is a Master Certified specialist who trains her team and others in the technique. Many of her customers need to even out a tan before a special occasion, such as a wedding, prom, or dance competition.

Sunsations offers packages for all their beauty treatment options, from one-time visits to memberships and skin products. Visit sunsationsks.com for complete details, or call 785-228-1815.

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