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Claire Godbee

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A Heart for Art

Q&A with Local Painter Claire Godbee

Explain your background as an artist — your influences or inspirations early in life. 
I have always had a creative spark, even as a child. My parents would take my sisters and me to the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts … I remember being in awe of all of the art. Our playroom transformed into an art room, and I was spending my time working with the various materials: rolls of draft paper my dad brought home from work; powder mixed with water to become paint; nail polish; hand-me-down painting sets. My commitment and passion grew from a spark to flame in high school, and I kept pursuing art at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where I graduated in 2016 with a BFA. 

What is your preferred medium? Why? 
My preferred medium is acrylic and oil paint. Paint is where I started; I am a self-taught painter, and it just comes naturally to me and feels the most intimate to me. There has always been something therapeutic about the process — working with pigments to mix the colors, brushing, blending and layering the paint onto the canvas for hours, finally ending up with a complete painting, the vision I had in my mind.

Describe your artistic routine, such as place, mood and music. 
I just recently moved out of my home studio into a beautiful space in Woodlawn. The whole front of the building consists of ceiling-to-floor windows, so the natural light is fantastic. I love being there during the day, preferably with good coffee and either a podcast or jazz in my headphones. 

What does Birmingham provide to you as an artist?
I feel very fortunate beginning my career as an artist in Birmingham. The city has provided me unique opportunities to grow. I have been able to cultivate a strong relationship with the local community and to make a name for myself without the saturation of a larger city. 

What are your plans for the future? 
I plan to keep painting and keep pushing forward with my practice. I have a solo show coming up at Lowe Mill this summer, in the First Floor West Gallery. I hope to expand my reach outside of Alabama in the next few years.
To reach Claire, learn about showings or inquire about commissions, visit her website,, follow her Instagram account,@godbee, or send her an email at 

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