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A Journey To Wellness

Take a trip down memory lane and flashes of Slim Fast Shakes or Jenny Craig commercials will start to emerge. It's clear as the years go by, the health and weight management industry continues to evolve. It's a multifaceted market and the reason there are endless options available is because each body is different. Ultimately, the road to your fitness journey depends on you, the driver.

We talked to three fitness and medical experts to give you a road map of the different options available to you in the greater Kansas City metro area. There are different concepts you can explore that can help you feel and be confident in your own skin. 

For Couture Fitness Coaching, it’s all about making your fitness journey fit within your lifestyle. Allison Sizemore founded the weight management program focusing on developing individualized science-based fitness and nutrition plans for every client. 

“What inspired this business is to help women understand that you're making it more difficult on yourself to be fit and look good than what it needs to be,” said Sizemore. ”So getting them away from everything they've heard their entire lives about eating less can be really challenging.” 

At Couture Fitness and Coaching, clients engage with a personal fitness coach who will go over dieting history, workout routines, and build an individualized plan focusing on metabolic health while incorporating strength training into routines. Clients keep track of their daily food intake, engage in weekly group coaching calls and work on properly understanding how to best fuel their bodies. 

"It can be very different from person to person. Some of our clients have to eat more, and they may have to eat more before their metabolism is in a good place again,” explained Sizemore.  “Some people might be eating enough that they can eat less and go right into a fat loss phase, and some people may be complete beginners to strength training. That’s why we customize both the fitness and the nutrition component to each individual.” 

Coaches are with clients every step of the way and have routine conversations with them if they experience bumps or challenges. The purpose is to simply design the lifestyle that leads you to love yourself in your own skin.

“For some women, it's finding their ‘why' and a powerful enough ‘why' is not just that you want to look good in a swimsuit, that might sustain you for a little while, but it's probably not going to keep you going for years or keep those habits,” said Sizemore. “I think delving into your deeper “why” is probably what most people need to do to really stay motivated.”

Other wellness programs available in Kansas City offer a different approach like Liquid Mobile.

The on-demand program brings a variety of wellness services like IV therapy, medical weight loss, hormone therapy, and telehealth services right to your front door. Co-Founder, Christine Ricci, says her business is geared to deliver an affordable array of services that support overall wellness and a healthy lifestyle. 

“We can have a nurse at the doorstep of our consumers typically within two hours after services like IV hydration and aesthetics. Clients also have direct access to clinicians typically within an hour's time frame for things like telehealth and medical weight management,” said Ricci. 

For clients aiming to manage their weight, Liquid Mobile offers services such as semaglutide, peptides, nutritional consultations, and lipo-mino. Ricci says some clients need a complex weight management program due to the chemical makeup of their body and metabolic functions. 

Aside from working closely with medical providers, clients can also access Chiefs Fit through Liquid Mobile. The state-of-the-art gym facility features strength and conditioning machines, group fitness classes, trainers, and other amenities to further support a client's journey. For more information visit 

In Leawood, Optimal Health and Wellness helps clients meet their goals by redefining healthcare. The Johnson County practice is the creation of Amanda and Bryan Woodworth and offers clients an extensive clinical and medical experience through a holistic approach.

“We are a primary care practice that offers preventative care services, chronic disease management, as well as hormone and thyroid function optimization, and peptide weight loss treatment,” explained Amanda Woodworth.

“When it comes to health and wellness, it is important to treat the whole patient.  It becomes increasingly difficult to assist in a patient’s weight loss journey if their hormone or thyroid levels are not optimal.  These items are just as important when it comes to treating chronic conditions, such as hypertension or high cholesterol.  A majority of patients struggle even genetically with their inability to lose weight through diet and exercise alone and most have tried every diet and exercise plan out there.  While treating underlying hormone imbalance and insulin resistance becomes the goal, and even though they may see a number lost on the scale, the long term goal in our practice is to get the entire patient feeling their best”. 

Medication management is known to help reduce blood glucose and cravings, but patients also have to do their part to maintain results.

In regards to hormone and peptide therapy in weight loss, “You have to maintain an active lifestyle while also maintaining good nutrition, but the medications themselves, through their mechanisms of action, tend to help people eat more appropriate foods.” said Bryan Woodworth. “For example, a lot of people decrease their alcohol consumption, make better food choices, and reduce food cravings."

The options available are endless because each health journey varies. Once you find your “why” it’ll serve as your compass in finding the right provider or the right team to get you to effectively meet your goals.

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