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Dr. Carrie Bordinko. Photo provided

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A Life-Changer

Through a Union of Science, Technology, and Good Old-Fashioned Hard Work, Benessair Not Only Changes Lives, it Saves Them, Too

Often, she’s viewed as a last resort. 

But Dr. Carrie Bordinko doesn’t see this as a negative. It’s an affirmation that Benessair, her premier medical- and science-backed facility that specializes in health, fitness, longevity, and every cutting-edge method to achieve all of the above, is doing exactly what she set out to do when she brought this to the Valley. 

Previously reserved for celebrities and top athletes, Benessair is a one-stop shop featuring nearly every kind of apparatus, equipment, therapy, and service for anyone’s optimal personalized program. Think a hyperbaric chamber, infusion therapy, massage therapy, biometric testing, physical therapist, nutritionist, gym … you get the idea. 

The upscale private sessions attract both men and women, typically in their late-40s to early-70s, who have successful careers, raised their families, and now have the time and resources to focus on themselves for the long term. By redefining their priorities, most see this as a serious investment in their overall wellness, just as vital as a home, retirement fund, or stock portfolio.

“The personalization that every single person gets when they walk through the door is unparalleled in the industry,” Bordinko says. “We take them through the entire facility and explain all options available while educating each unique individual on how they can maximize the treatment options for their needs.”

Many find Bordinko on their own or through word of mouth in a quest to lose weight, have more energy, gain strength, or discover the best version of themselves. But some are sent to Benessair by their own physicians as a life-saving measure.

This was the case of one client, a successful woman whose health was so dire her doctor told her that Bordinko was her best shot at living.

With Benessair’s customized program, in eight weeks she lost 15 pounds and went from not being able to walk 200 feet to boxing in the gym. Her cardiologist commended her for making such huge strides in a short period of time. 

“She is able to go on weekend walks with her grandkids,” Bordinko says. “She wants to be able to function without pain and we’ll be able to bring that to her after a 12-month journey.” 

However, not all clients are in a life-or-death situation and are just short of reaching optimization. They are in their mid-50s to early-60s without health challenges, but see where their parents are currently health- and fitness-wise and want to avoid that 20 years down the road for themselves. Some want to avoid the pitfalls their friends are heading toward by taking control of how they age.

For example, a 59-year-old man with little health problems who’s fit, works out six days a week, and has a good diet may be seen as someone at the top of his game. But there’s more going on inside.

With services including hyperbarics, red light therapy, massage, and strength and conditioning training throughout the week, this man’s biometric data testing reflects that of someone in his 40s. 

Celebrities, too, flock to Benessair for these options.

“In the professional sports world we all know about the benefits of hyperbaric, but what they don’t teach you is it’s just as important where you get your hyperbaric treatments,” says Derek Barnett, defensive end, Philadelphia Eagles. “I only choose the very best at Benessair Health.”

With Benessair, Bordinko is able to make reaching a person’s optimal health possible for anyone willing to do the work.

“We haven’t just stopped the aging process, but turned it around. We show people ways to prevent new diseases from occurring and to make a real measurable change in how they feel every single day,” Bordinko says. “We’re turning back the clock on a lot of people.” 

“Benessair is my secret weapon for recovery and healing,” says Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., who is the celebrity known as “The Sleep Doctor.” “When my crazy life takes a toll, this is where I go to get the training, bodywork, and the newest valid treatments for my health and longevity.”

Want to see a real, lifelong positive change in your health? Dr. Carrie Bordinko says it all starts with the basics before proceeding with more advanced, specific options.

“It's really more about discipline than anything else,” she says. 

Here’s how to get started:

  • Be honest about what goes into your body, count everything, even when you really don't want to.
  • Actually measure what you are counting. Keep a food scale handy. No guessing. 
  • Just weigh yourself once a week, and if possible, use a body composition scale
  • Set realistic goals for body changes. Losing one pound a week means real fat loss and less chances for rebound weight gain. 
  • Lastly, find a friend to take this journey with you. Having someone else you can lean on is priceless.
  • Dr. Carrie Bordinko. Photo provided
  • Photo provided
  • Dr. Carrie Bordinko. Photo provided
  • Dr. Carrie Bordinko
  • Photo provided

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