A Life of Love and Laughter

Try to keep up with 91 year-old Jaqueline Pell.

If you want someone to play pickleball with, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated and delightful doubles partner than Jaqueline Pell. Jaqueline has been playing pickleball for over 20 years. "My husband and I used to play tennis, and that was our social life for many years. After he passed away, I started playing pickleball with some friends, and I love it more than tennis," said Jaqueline. "I'm looking for someone to play with when the weather warms up." 

The new pickleball court is open at Cape Albeon Lakeside Retirement Living, and Jaqueline couldn't be happier. "I never dreamed that a retirement community would have a pickleball court, and it's beautiful," said Jaqueline as she demonstrated a perfect serve across the net. 

At 91 years old, Jaqueline says she's been active her entire life. "I water skied until I was 85. I sailed, windsurfed, hiked, and biked. I love the water and the outdoors," said Jaqueline, who proudly showed off her apartment at Cape Albeon, which walks out to a patio overlooking one of the two lakes at the retirement community. "There is so much to do here. I walk the nature trail, take water aerobics and ride the exercise bikes. And I'm planning a big party for my family to come and spend the day playing outside in the new sports area."

Planning parties is something Jaqueline is quite proud of. "I threw myself two big surprise birthday parties when I turned 70 and 90. I'm planning my next big surprise party, which will be a big adventure," said Jaqueline. 

Where is her next big adventure? 

"The final one," stated Jaqueline. "They say heaven is absolutely fantastic, so that's my next big adventure. I've got a big party planned. I picked out my dress and my shiny nail polish. The only surprise will be when it happens," laughed Jaqueline as she posed with her pickleball paddle. Note her shiny blue fingernail polish. 

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