A Lil' Help in Preparation for the Holidays

Each year we find ourselves caught with less time to plan than the year before

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The back-to-school bells have rung, while the ghouls and goblins of Halloween have been laid to rest. Now, the season of blessings, gratitude, and yuletide greetings is upon us. Time moves fast and waits for no one. 

Each year we are lulled into thinking we have plenty of time to plan and strategize how we will make the next holidays better than ever. And each year, we find ourselves caught with less time to plan than the year before. 

When feeling overwhelmed, be sure to take a little time for yourself. Indulge in a quiet soak in the bathtub, take a run, or indulge in your favorite piece of dark chocolate.

To prepare for event hosting and childcare, there are planning and organization professionals to help you. Here are two Treasure Valley-based agencies with ideas to minimize stress for families and allow the festivities to be more enjoyable.

Twinkle Toes Nanny Agency

1. What are your business's top services to busy families preparing for the holidays?

Besides offering full and part-time nanny services, we offer sitter and special event services. We can provide a one-time service if parents have a holiday party to attend without the kids. If you are hosting a party and need an extra set of hands, we'll send a nanny. We will also entertain the kids with our bag of goodies for corporate parties and other special events. We also offer sitter services for holiday shopping, date nights, weddings, and family gatherings. We offer mother's helpers, which is invaluable to mom when she needs help with gift wrapping, household chores, grocery shopping, or running errands. We offer that extra helping hand so moms and dads may enjoy the holiday season without the stress of having to juggle it all. As an added service, we also offer hotel and Airbnb sitting for families traveling here for activities like skiing, visiting family, or exploring Idaho.

2. Do you have any tips for families to prepare for your services, like preparing the kids for having a nanny come to their house?

Families new to our service are always welcome to meet their nanny via FaceTime, Zoom, or phone call. If your kids are old enough, we encourage them to participate in the call. If families need more reassurance, our nannies are happy to meet with you in person.

3. How far in advance should bookings be made?

We love a few days' notice, but if something comes up last minute, we can usually fill a shift within a couple hours. Remember that it's a busy season; the more advance notice, the better.

4. Any further tips that you would like to mention?

Always make sure you are using a reputable nanny or babysitter agency to watch your children. Our nannies are vetted beyond industry standards. We are the only pediatrician-approved nanny agency in Idaho. We don't charge an application, membership, or placement fee. You only pay for the hours you use. We go above and beyond to ensure your little ones are safe and happy.

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Tidy Style Homes Organization 

1. What are the top services Tidy Homes offers to busy families preparing for the holidays?

Playroom organization is a great project for the Tidy Style team to tackle in preparation for Santa. It really makes sense to minimize and put an organizational system in place before a wave of new toys comes into play.   Another popular option this time of year is our kitchen and pantry organization service. A streamlined kitchen is key to efficiency and takes the edge off hosting duties. So many of us have jam-packed pantries, and so much of that food expires because we don't know what we have on hand. Tidy Style implements a freshness flow system in each pantry organization that we do.

2. Do you have any tips for preparing families for your services?

We are very proud of our Tidy Style process, and one of the biggest reasons is that our clients don't need to do anything to prepare for our team. We will meet you where you are. No "pre-organizing" is necessary! Our project day recommendations are that your dishwasher has been run if we are organizing your kitchen. If we are organizing closets, have the laundry done. For pantries, ensure that you are fairly stocked with all your normal staples (we will allow space for those holiday extras). Regarding other spaces, we simply need good access to those areas.

3. How far in advance should preparations be made?

We typically book 3-4 weeks in advance, but sometimes we do have last-minute openings.

4. Any tips for staying organized and prepared during the festivities?

Minimize to maximize! This means that once you let go of those things that don't serve you or your family any longer, you will find that you have more space. Don't fill it up! Once we organize for a client, we repeatedly hear they are much more mindful about what they bring into their homes. The space to breathe and feel the calm is often more valuable than what you might fill it with!

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