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Q&A with Precision Tune Auto Care

Carlos Rosas
Precision Tune Auto Care

Precision Tune Auto Care is an auto service center performing high-quality maintenance and repairs on all vehicle makes and models using the latest in automotive service and repair equipment. Spoiler: they also service Tesla! Henderson City Lifestyle asked Owner Carlos Rosas to share details about the company so we can get to know your local high-quality auto shop.

What services do you provide?

Our specialty is maintenance, but we also fix broken-down cars. We always say: "We want to maintain your vehicle. And if it breaks down, we can fix it." Maintenance will always determine the extent of the repairs your vehicle will need.

We offer premium oil and filter services, factory scheduled maintenance, brake system services and repairs, tire replacements, wheel balancing, battery and charging system repairs, shocks and strut replacements, diagnostics, A/C system services & repairs, and Tesla maintenance.

Tell us the history of Precision Tune Auto Care.

Precision Tune Auto Care started in the 1970s, offering quick oil changes and tune-ups. Las Vegas Center #039-11 opened in 2009. I am the current owner of the franchise, but I started as the Center Manager in April 2012. After a long and successful career as the manager, in 2020, I was given the opportunity to purchase the franchise alongside my wife, Vanessa. Since the purchase, we have fully upgraded the center in all aspects. We updated the interior design and continue to purchase the latest and best-in-class equipment to service all modern vehicles. We believe that quality is what matters — quality parts plus quality staff equals happy clients.    

What sets you apart from other auto care companies?

Our oil and filter services are simply the BEST. Not only do we use high-quality oil and filters, but also, we perform a full Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI). This inspection is sent to clients via text or email. The report has high-quality pictures, notes, recommendations, and short informational videos. The report also categorizes the items in order of importance. Other shops claim to also do this, but NO ONE does it like we do. 

Our clients also have the option to message us at any time during the service with questions, process update requests, or with anything they may need to inform us about.

Additionally, every full synthetic oil and filter service comes with a dashboard and center console cleaning, front floor mat vacuuming, and the client’s choice of air freshener. We want all vehicles to leave working well and for the customer to feel good.

What are your new customers most interested in learning about?

Our clients are most interested in learning about two things.

First is how to get the best fuel economy. In this case, we can help to see what’s going on, especially if a client has noticed a drop in their vehicle’s MPGs.

The second is Tesla maintenance. [Yes, your Tesla requires some maintenance.] Some clients are shocked to hear that their Tesla still requires brake fluid maintenance, cabin filter replacements, regular wheel alignments, brake system services (annual), and new tires (as needed).  

What are the top three things car owners should do to protect the longevity of their vehicle?

1)      Find a shop you trust. Find ONE. Don’t use three or four. Relying on multiple shops for repairs risks an issue becoming more complicated when trying to service your vehicle. It gets more expensive the more complicated it gets.

2)      Don’t go to the "cheapest" place. We all like a good deal, but there is a reason why there are places still offering a $10.00 oil change. They use the cheapest oil and filters, which will end up costing you more in the long run. Those “deals” often lead you to save money now, only to have to pay double or sometimes triple later.

3)      Invest in clean air and clean fuel. Your vehicle computer is constantly trying to adjust fuel and air. If the fuel is bad quality, it will affect the way the vehicle runs. If the air quality is bad, that will also affect the engine. The better the air and fuel, the better the vehicle will run. High-quality oil will lessen the heat and friction inside the motor, allowing it to not work as hard. Replace your air filter with every oil service and perform fuel system maintenance as needed.

How do you build trust with customers?

Our staff is very friendly and polite. We try to “WOW” all of our clients as soon as they walk through the door. Additionally, through our DVI, we can accurately show our clients exactly what is happening in their vehicles.

There are a lot of auto shops in town. We consider ourselves a service center. We embrace the most common service: the oil and filter service. Many shops dislike oil changes: they see them as a hassle. Not at Precision Tune Auto Care — we embrace everything we do. Not one item on the list of services that we do is more important than the other. The oil and filter clients are just as important as the brake service clients, and no matter what, we appreciate everyone that comes through our doors.

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Our staff is very friendly and polite. We try to “WOW” all of our clients as soon as they walk through the door. Additionally, through our DVI, we can accurately show our clients exactly what is happening in their vehicles.

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