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A Look Inside a Masterpiece

Laughlin Design House takes a gold award in Kansas City's Parade of Homes

Nestled between State Line and Mission Road along 175th Street, a brand new Johnson County community is turning heads with its stunning interior designs. Sundance Ridge: A Rodrock Community will eventually contain 700 homes within three neighborhoods, and thanks to the talent of Laughlin Design House, no two homes will look exactly the same. 

Leading the way in unique and modern style, Molly Laughlin captured the attention of design enthusiasts in Kansas City this spring with her latest model home design for Rodrock Homes. The Providence, a five bedroom, two story stunner off 175th Street and Kenneth Road, received the 2023 Pick of the Parade Gold Award. 

“We took a new floor plan for Rodrock and designed it to fit the needs of a number of different styles, family types and overall creative look,” she said. “ I am honored and grateful to Rodrock for letting me do what I love best and I'm honored that the Kansas City Home Builders Association awarded this home such a high honor.”

Alongside Laughlin, Karen Duckworth and Betsy Heitman make up the full-service interior design firm. They specialize in residential new builds and remodels, from the full construction process to the finer details of lighting, furniture, wallpaper, rugs and paint colors. 

“One of the best parts about building with Rodrock Homes is the buyer gets to customize the selections to their personal style,” Laughlin said. 

Keeping it personal is what Laughlin does best. While Laughlin Design House lifted off just last year, Laughlin’s goal in her 15 years of design is focusing on quality of work and keeping their clients as the main focus. 

“It was important to open Laughlin Design House when I did so I could create a work/life balance and be available for my clients who are also trying to achieve the same goal,” she said.

The Rodrock Homes Design Center is one place where Laughlin takes a personalized approach with her clients, but a much different approach is necessary when designing the model homes for this community. Instead of pleasing one family, the target audience expands to all kinds of buyers.

“Anytime I do a model house I have to know that I need to show ideas that get clients to think outside the box but also allow them options to make it their own home,” Laughlin said. “I wanted the house to be modern but also incorporate different types of styles.” 

One style does not fit all - a concept Laughlin understands well. Working with different materials, fabrics and patterns, she pulled off multiple styles in this award winning house. 

“I would say this style is modern chic with a little rustic vibe,” she said. “It was important to mix the modern aspects with wood accents to create an overall feel of warmth and unique design.” 

Of course, even the designer has a favorite aspect in every masterpiece. The Chevron master bathroom shower tile was an honorable mention, but there was one room that stole the show for Laughlin. 

“I love how large the kitchen is and that island is amazing! I knew I needed large pendant lights to counteract the size of the cabinets and I love how it turned out,” she said. “The kitchen is the heart of the home and this house offers an amazing space to hang out and to have fun with family and friends.” 

Laughlin Design House operates with one goal –  turning both big and small houses into homes, by telling the story of each family living in them. 

“I opened Laughlin Design House so I can do something different every day”, she said. “No two clients are alike and no two projects are alike and that is why I love what I do.”

  • Left to Right: Betsy Heitman, Molly Laughlin, Karen Duckworth