Love Letter to a Macaron

Baker waxes poetic over her beloveds

My dear French macaron,

Our love started off rocky. We first crossed paths in Paris in 2012, but I foolishly overlooked the depths of your complexity. I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight or even love at first bake. I found you unpredictable and very difficult to understand.

After months of some successes and many failures together, I started to understand how you work, what you like, and what you don’t like. Even after every day together for over a year, I still learned new things about you that made me love you more and more. I devoted my food science master’s thesis to you! From the fact that you must be baked within a 5°F temperature range in the oven, to the fact that you’re extra sensitive when it’s humid outside…you truly are a diva and I love you for that.

More than mastering your baking technique and the food science behind it, my favorite thing about you is the endless possibilities for decorating & filling you. I think you look particularly nice with metallic accents or a pearl luster; but designs such as woodland animals or holiday themes are just as beautiful on you. I never run out of inspiration with your designs, and I certainly will never get bored of all the flavors to try on you.

You bring so much light into my life, as well as many others, by being your beautiful, complex, delicate, and sweet self. No other cookie can compare.

Sweet regards,

Kim Paladino

p.s. I am based in Atlanta and I’ve been in the French macaron business since 2020 after leaving my job of seven years as a chemist. I have also worked as a recipe developer and food photographer for clients for over eight years. Check out my store and blog at

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