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A Main Street Legend

Sports, art, music and more

Legends Gallery at Frames on Main in Chatham has been offering sports memorabilia for over 20 years. There’s everything from framed classic sports photos and jerseys to signed baseballs, football helmets, and hockey pucks. It has also hosted autograph-signing events with professional athletes like Eli Manning, Carli Lloyd, and Keith Hernandez.

“It's a quick thrill to get to meet, say, Mariano Rivera, get your item autographed and take a picture with him,” says owner Greg Daily. Guests buy tickets beforehand, then either bring in their own memorabilia or buy them at the gallery.

Greg is now expanding into the exciting world of music legends by offering professionally-framed photographs of iconic moments in music history signed by the extremely accomplished photographers who took them. “There’s Bob Gruen, who was John Lennon’s and Yoko Ono’s photographer. I also have Ron Pownall, who was a tour photographer for Aerosmith, and Frank White, who has been shooting concerts for years. He did Meatloaf’s Bat Out of Hell II album cover. There’s also John Comerford, a Chatham guy, who has shot multiple album covers for artists such as Stevie Ray Vaughn.”

There’s another new and unique offering as well. “I had a client bring in what's called sound waves prints to be framed, which are pretty cool,” he says. “One was a Natalie Merchant piece signed by the singer herself.” Sound waves, he explains, are what you would see on a digital screen in a music studio.

“What this particular artist has done is create relationships in the music industry, so now he's got all these sound waves and paints colors onto them,” says Greg. “Each one is different and signed by the musician. He does limited-edition runs of prints taken from photographs of his paintings.”

In Legends Gallery right now, there are sound wave pieces from Jamie's Got A Gun signed by Steven Tyler, and Another Brick in the Wall, signed by Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. “I've also got one from a band called Evanescence, featuring their main song, Bring Me to Life, which is signed by Amy Lee. It's actually my favorite piece and has this incredible purple color. I then have an old standby, Mama Said Knock You Out, by LL Cool J.” Each one of these pieces is beautifully framed.

Greg buys each of these prints directly from the artist, who then donates the proceeds to each individual musician’s charity. If you’re looking for a great gift for Father's Day, or for a great gift for yourself, go to or, or even better, stop in and see them in person.

  • Owner, Greg Dailey
  • Lennon: Richard Avedon original poster’s from 1967, Beatles psychedelic series
  • Sound waves by Tim Wakefield: LL Cool J, “Mama said knock you out”