A MINT Revolution

Meet Friscovania's 2019 Honorary Host Family

For many parents, weekdays are carefully orchestrated chaos, often spent in transit—dropping off kiddos, picking up kiddos, going to this activity and that appointment, dashing to the nearest store for a forgotten item, then racing through the rest of the day’s malarkey—just to get up the next day and do it all over again.

In this perennial haze of parenthood, tuning out the outside world comes with ease, and breaking through this impenetrable gaze can be a tough task, even for the savviest of marketers. Business brands that have mastered the art of cutting through the white noise of overstimulation by maintaining interest and generating actual consumption have reached an entirely different level in the game.

So how do brands, such as MINT Dentistry, achieve icon status? I had the pleasure of talking to my dear friend, Sabrina Harrison—one-half of the dynamic duo behind the thriving luxury dental service provider—to get the inside scoop.

“Success can appear to be a lot more glamorous than it really is,” Sabrina says. She explains that success is simply formulaic for them. “It takes hard work, consistency and a lot of dedication and discipline to keep growing what God has given us.”

Several years ago, before I met the Harrisons, I (like most people throughout the Metroplex) started seeing billboards for “sexy teeth.” In a barrage of billboards blitzing our highways, it was evident that MINT Dentistry was booting out the competition. The campaign starring exceptionally good-looking folks was working, but what struck me most was the fact that the people in the campaign were real MINT employees.

These "MINT-ees" weren’t trying to be sexy, and at times, they weren’t even smiling. The message, without words, was clear: having sexy teeth equals confidence. That confidence is what attracted the raven-haired beauty to her beau when they first met at a local restaurant through mutual friends 10-plus years ago.

Since then, MINT locations popped up everywhere, but MINT isn’t a brand—it’s a lifestyle.

A MINT revolution has taken over Texas, and if you happen to miss the latest billboard, you can surely catch the other half of MINT Dentistry, Dr. Field Harrison, on the radio. His youth and passion for healthy teeth permeates the airways, and with that excitement, the old adage of the scary dentist’s office falls by the wayside.

Sabrina says MINT Dentistry started off as a dream, just as Dr. Harrison was wrapping up dental school. “He wanted to create an affordable yet luxurious experience for all of his patients.”

Why shouldn’t going to the dentist be like going to the hair salon, the nail salon or even a spa, for that matter? Since the luxury dental facility opened its doors in 2009, MINT has amassed 60 locations throughout Texas and has adopted a team-of-doctors approach, offering multiple doctors at each location and giving every patient the opinion and service of several specialists. In fact, MINT turns 10 years old this month, and the scion of sexy teeth says, “We feel like we’re just getting started!”

MINT’s in-your-face—or rather, in-your-mouth—marketing tactics helped revolutionize dental care in Texas. Its luxurious atmosphere and accessibility have made MINT the go-to destination for anything and everything dental health-related, and after a decade of them servicing teeth in Texas, it’s a wonder if there’s anybody left who doesn’t have something MINT-y fresh to say.

Besides world domination, what’s next for the Harrisons? According to Sabrina, “Frisco, family and of course, Friscovania 2019!”


“I always enjoy the time I spend in Frisco! The fact that North Dallas is vastly expanding makes it the perfect spot for MINT Dentistry. Our Frisco office is located at 4611 Preston Road, Suite #100," Sabrina says. "My MINT-erior design team helped me create the perfect atmosphere here for our North Dallas clients. Patients with PPO dental insurance get free whitening—and we just launched our MINT Dental Insurance, which offers affordable insurance for everyone.” 


“It's important to keep evolving and learning, and always, always stay humble," Sabrina says.

As a family, she says they love to stay active throughout the week together. "We try to do something every single day that not only makes us bond but gets our heart rates going too! You can almost always find us at a nearby tennis court, playing basketball in our backyard or swimming together!"

Friscovania 2019

“Field and I always pray about everything we are involved with," Sabrina says. "The charities we partner with hold a very special place in our hearts. We strongly believe we can be advocates of change and are happy to help in any way we can. I believe success without purpose is meaningless.”

This year, MINT Dentistry, along with FC Dallas and MLS Works, is making Friscovania free to the public.

The Harrisons and their two children, Field Christian and Camilla, also are the honorary hosts of this year’s Halloween extravaganza.

“What I love most is the fact that this is a place where families can come together and have family-friendly entertainment," Sabrina says. "As a mom, I’m always looking for safe and fun activities we can take our kids to, and at Friscovania, I know my babies are guaranteed to have a good time. It’s a win for the whole family!”

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