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Jessica McClure: A mortgage loan officer you can trust

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Jessica McClure: A Mortgage Loan Officer You Can Trust

by Kristen Fewel and Malory Henry

Buying a home is one of the most life-changing events in a person’s life. It can be rewarding and positive, or go terribly wrong. When Jessica McClure’s father passed away when she was a young girl, her mother was widowed at just 42 years old and forced to refinance her home just to get by. Jessica witnessed her young mother struggle with feelings of being overwhelmed with the financial struggle from her poorly refinanced home. In addition to wrestling with the grief and loss of her husband, she was fearing for her family’s future.

“How I got started is why I stayed,” Jessica says about her start in the mortgage lending business. Jessica’s introduction to the field of mortgage lending wasn’t easy, but it served as a reminder in her heart to serve people well, and strongly influenced her feelings about how to change the game of mortgage finance while making a positive difference in people’s lives.

As a Senior Mortgage Loan Officer for United American Mortgage Corporation, Jessica McClure handles a multitude of complex loan processes and products to acquire loans and refinancing for clients with diverse backgrounds. For over 16 years, she has secured over $900,000,000 in loans for homeowners, navigating complex loan guidelines and processes, and advocating for her clients with extensive loan solutions. “Regardless of how difficult a situation is,” stated one repeat client. “I know I can trust [Jessica] to close the transaction while simultaneously delivering world class service.”

Through customized home loans, Jessica and her professional team work hard to ensure that homebuyers get a loan that best supports their unique situation. Some complex situations that require special loan handling include self-employment and stated income, veterans and military, high net worth and high-income clients, reverse mortgages, and first-time homebuyers. As an in-house lender for over 75 lenders and multiple real estate companies, Jessica secures mortgage loans for a diverse clientele, including foreign nationals, the Hispanic community, local homeowners, and individuals with unique profiles. 

As the wife of a veteran Marine and the daughter of an Air Force veteran, she has a commitment to helping military veterans get into the home of their dreams. She is a certified Military Housing Specialist, a rare title that fewer than 3% of mortgage loan officers in the United States hold. She is experienced in securing VA loans, which are mortgage loans guaranteed by the United States Department of Veteran Affairs. These loans provide military veterans with exceptional features and benefits to help them secure housing following their service. As of 2020, there is no VA loan limit. For example, a military veteran can purchase a 2M home with 0 down payment, no monthly mortgage insurance, with rates as low as 3% on a 30-year fixed loan.

Being of service in one’s work is not much different than being of service in life, which she has passed on to her children, who are now mature teenagers and young adults. In Jessica’s life, work is like family, and family comes first. Her own family attests that Jessica is always available for work, just as she has always made herself available to them. A mature understanding about their mom’s work shines through their compliments and adoration for her: “She’s always in the best interests of the client,” says her family.

Many of Jessica’s clients have gone on record to praise her as a hard-working, honest, and reliable professional who also feels like one of the family. “She made herself so available to us, that there was never a time we couldn't get her on the phone, or that she wouldn't reply to one of our emails about the house,” states a filmmaker client.

She leaves no question unanswered and is known to patiently (and repeatedly, if necessary) detail the entire loan process for clients to make it easier to understand. “She was always super clear, very polite and patient on the phone and email…we really felt like we had a friend in our corner who cared about us, our new house, and our future. We couldn't recommend her higher.”

Jessica prioritizes communication and patience with all clients when recommending solutions to difficult situations. This sentiment is especially important for those with a challenging financial history or a lack of knowledge on mortgage loans. One client, recounting the difficulty securing a jumbo loan due to fluctuating financial history, describes how “Jessica swept in and, through a ton of helpful hand-holding, walked us through the process, and then through some next-level tactics and knowledge, found us the best loan that made sense for us.”

If you are looking to secure a jumbo loan, Federal Housing Administration loan, Veterans Affairs loan, multi-family mortgage, refinance a loan program, or find a creative loan solution, contact Senior Mortgage Loan Officer Jessica McClure for a Free Mortgage Loan Consultation at 714-713-0172.

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