A Mother's Legacy of Love

Angie Foster reflects on her experience as a mom and a career woman

28 years ago, Angie Foster couldn’t have predicted how much her life would change as a young mom. Her first daughter, Gigi, was born with an intellectual disability that required Angie to become a life-long caregiver. Although this title has proved to be quite the challenge, she has been blessed with an incredible support system, including her second daughter Osmara and her husband.

“My daughters are extensions of me and mean absolutely everything to me. It’s my family—it’s mine,” says Angie. “In order to be a successful mom, though, it’s very important to exist. When I take care of Gigi, it’s all about Gigi. But I want Osmara to see me as a successful woman. I love being a mom, but I also love being myself, dressing up, and feeling good.”

One way that she has been able to make herself “Angie” rather than just “Mom” is by becoming a Realtor. Her family had already made the big move from California to Texas, inspired by a beautiful, sunny day on Lake Travis, and she was looking to work somewhere that allowed her to get out and see people. This need drove her to get her real estate license to serve the growing Greater Austin community.

“When I helped my first family get their home, I realized the importance of our role,” says Angie. “I especially love seeing new homes. I have pictures of clients' houses when they are barely in construction, and to see the final product feels so good. When they get their house and keys, it’s like I’m getting the house and keys. It’s about so much more than making money—we’re helping families.”

Since becoming both a mother and a Realtor, Angie has learned and grown so much. She encourages her daughters to keep learning and growing themselves.

Keep up with Angie Foster on Instagram @angiefosterrealtor or connect on her website angiefosterrealtor.com to start the hunt for your forever home.

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