A New Means of Transportation

Mikey's Motors Introduces New Electric Bikes

Golf carts have always been the bread and butter of Mikey’s Motors, but recently, local golf cart enthusiasts have decided to add electric bikes into the mix. Combining athleticism with leisure, get ready for a new means of transportation that the whole family can enjoy.

Electric bikes are dominating the transportation market state-wide, so Mikey’s Motors decided to add the Orion Electric Balance bikes to their showroom to meet the demand of the market to offer something extraordinary. These bikes are not just for the typical riders; they appeal to everyone who craves fun and excitement. Mikey’s started with Orion Electric Balance Bikes for kids, and they've been a huge hit.

Orion Electric Balance Bikes are designed for kids ages two to 12. These bikes are pedal-free and let kids ride like they're on a motorcycle. With six-speed settings, they can reach speeds up to 20 mph, giving young riders a taste of adventure while keeping them safe.

“Learning to ride an electric bike is a breeze because kids do not have to learn all of the balance challenges,” says General Manager Kaley Brownlee. Taking the newest riders only 20 to 30 minutes to learn, the Orion bikes make it easy for kids to join their parents on thrilling outdoor escapades or evening golf cart rides.

To make sure that the kids aren’t the only ones having all the fun, Mikey’s Motors brought in Elevate, the electric bike made for adults. Whether you enjoy daily commutes on your bike or strolls - this one's for you. These bikes can be used as traditional bicycles or switched to three different modes, including a pedal assist feature. Now customers can conquer hilly terrains effortlessly, regardless of their cycling experience.

The decision to expand to electric bikes at Mikey’s Motors was easy. “We're all about family fun and enjoying the outdoors, and we want people to come into our store to find their next adventure,” says Kaley.

Riding an electric bike is not just about reducing the effort, it's about expanding your range. Electric bikes allow you to cover more ground and explore new horizons while having a blast. Now you can ride your bike to your favorite destination in town without the fear of your legs being too tired to get you home.

And the best part? These bikes are incredibly affordable compared to other means of electric transportation. With prices starting at just $699 for kids and $1,799 for adults, Orion Electric Bikes offer incredible value. Now customers can experience the joy of riding without breaking the bank.

To introduce these bikes to the Nashville community, Mikey’s Motors encourages you to visit one of their two Middle Tennessee locations to test ride and be on the lookout for Demo Day events. The demos will last all summer, so be sure to drop by if you are curious about them and rediscover the thrill of riding. MikeysMotors.com

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