A New Take on Wellness

HydraMed is Unveiling Groundbreaking Home IV Services: HydraMed Wellness Rx

In the wake of COVID and its detrimental effects on our health and well-being, this Denver office is completely changing the game of wellness.

HydraMed, a mobile IV therapy service right off of Dahlia Street, recently unveiled a groundbreaking addition to its IV therapy services: HydraMed Wellness Rx. With a focus on patient-specific, in-home treatment, the new program takes a holistic approach to wellness, starting with hormones and optimizing individuals' lives based on their own unique needs. 

Courtney, a licensed family nurse practitioner who’s spearheading the HydraMed Wellness Rx program, believes in tailoring treatment plans to the individual. Her philosophy centers around the promotion of a healthier lifestyle, along with avoiding blanket treatments, beginning with the foundational building blocks of what makes each individual unique. 

For men, testosterone optimization plays a vital role. For women, while testosterone is still a consideration, hormone balance is the central focus. According to Courtney, “keeping your hormones in a state of equilibrium is crucial, not only for physical vitality, but also for brain function and bone health. If we hope to make lasting health changes, it’s essential to start at the foundational level - the hormones.”

HydraMed Wellness Rx ultimately aims to go beyond shallow, disingenuous anti-aging approaches, by instead boosting our health and well-being in holistic ways. In other words, Courtney and her team seek to get to the root cause of health issues, rather than merely masking symptoms with a pill, and are dedicated to empowering their clients with the knowledge to heal up and optimize their bodies depending on their unique needs. No two bodies are the same, after all.

Courtney and the HydraMed team firmly believe that everyone has their own distinct needs, and that “a one-size-fits-all approach is mundane.” With this in mind, HydraMed Wellness Rx develops treatment plans tailored to the individual, rejecting the notion of "normal." Starting with hormone optimization as the baseline, HydraMed scales up treatment options based on each client's unique health objectives. Whether it's losing weight to look a little slimmer in a bathing suit for the summer or incorporating fitness peptides into your therapy program to pack on some muscle, HydraMed is there to support clients in achieving whatever outcome they desire.

As a licensed family nurse practitioner with extensive healthcare experience, Courtney has a rich background in cardiology and ICU nursing. Her desire to make a difference in the prevention and wellness arena stems from a dissatisfaction with the Band-Aid approach to disease management, which led her to head up HydraMed’s Wellness Rx program. 

As a healthcare provider, Courtney also works to be a trusted consultant for her patients. She may offer different options and opinions than most primary caregivers, due to her core focus always being to equip clients with the tools they need to take charge of their own well-being. By actively listening to her patients' concerns, Courtney provides them with the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions about the direction of their health and overall well-being.

In the wake of the pandemic, she also noticed how many individuals find themselves exhausted and battling chronic fatigue. High cortisol levels due to stress hinder progress towards optimal health. According to Courtney, “Post-pandemic, we’re oozing cortisol, that feeling of ‘fight or flight,’ and we can’t seem to get ahead health-wise.” 

In response, HydraMed Wellness Rx is helping patients reclaim their vitality by offering personalized treatments that target fatigue directly. By addressing cortisol imbalances and implementing strategies to overcome the challenges of modern life, Courtney is the driving force behind patients attempting to move beyond mere survival, and instead pushing them toward a place of true health. 

HydraMed Rx isn’t yet listed on the company’s website, but it’ll be rolling out shortly. In the meantime, you can check out their Mobile IV Therapy services in detail on their website: You can also call (800) 801-8525 to book an IV Therapy session. 

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