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A New Way To Think About Boating

Imagine the perfect boat day. For some it is getting the whole family together, letting the kids finally use their outside voice. For others it is having the ideal date night, a boat picnic ending in a bottle of wine at sunset. No matter what that day looks like to you there is one thing that is the same for everyone. The hassle. 

It’s commonly joked that the best day of a boat owner's life is the day they buy the boat, and the day they sell. No Coast Boat Club at Clinton Marina looks to eliminate that mentality, and usher in a whole new way to think about boating. Members pay an initiation fee and monthly dues, in exchange for unlimited reservations and up to 4 reservations on the books at a time. No more fighting the boat ramp traffic, cleaning, maintaining, storing or insuring your boat. 

“New boaters, experienced boaters, retired boaters, families, couples of virtually all ages, are already loving the membership experience No Coast Boat Club provides. Literally, all you do is show up and go boating, everything else is taken care of for you,” Co-Founder Travis Andregg stated. The concept of a boat club is not a new one, as there are over 450 clubs nationwide, and NCBC co-founders, Peter Meuisi and Travis Andregg, decided it is time to have one in the Kansas City Metro area. They plan to keep the club about 30% smaller than industry standards on a family to boat ratio (roughly 7:1). This club size also guarantees that every member will have access to a time slot over the major summer holiday weekends.

“We are hyper focused on our customers' experience, and as avid boaters it’s easy for us to put ourselves in the club members’ shoes. We spent nearly 8 months putting the club together, calling locations from across the country to figure out how to best optimize our patrons' involvement,” Meiusi added. The club even worked with the reservation software system to allow for its members to pre-order pizzas, beer, ice and a variety of other items. “The member just shows up, we’ve got the boat loaded with everything they need for the day, and they go out and have fun. At the end of the day, we handle all the cleaning, fueling and storage of the boat. You just hand us the keys and head out!”

For the club’s inaugural year they’ve purchased three brand new 2022 boats available to its members. A wakeboard boat, tritoon boat and a fishing crossover boat. All of these boats can be used universally, you can use all of them to fish, tube, or just drop anchor and hangout. NCBC also plans to upgrade the boats every couple of years to ensure the members have access to the best vessels available. The club provides training for all of its members, personalized for any level of boating experience, and focuses on member needs. “The most important thing about the club is making sure everyone feels at home and comfortable,” said Andregg. 

The boat club isn’t the only new program Clinton Marina is rolling out this year. They are also doing Float Local Fridays with live music, food trucks and brewery tents that are open to the public. For more information on the club visit, and visit for more information about the Float First Friday events and daily pontoon rentals.